Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips

Kareena Kapoor Beauty Tips, Beauty Tips Kareena Kapoor Skin, Kareena's beauty secrets: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is using her time off between movies to take up yoga, hit the gym and lose some weight, a newspaper reported.

* Kareena Kapoor is looking ravishing these days. When asked about what's the secret behind this, she smile and tells us, "I have been very serious about my workouts, my body and fitness. I doubt I have ever been so fit, and now that I've reached this stage of fitness, I don't want to let go and give up. It's a hard toil all the way. But I am generally very happy now everything seems to be working out right for me.

* "This babe has lost oodles of weight, and she’s looking more stunning than ever before. We spotted her over the weekend and on complimenting her, she replied, “Don’t so say much because I want to lose at least five more kilos. I am quite a foodie, but generally I have a healthy lifestyle. I begin the day by doing yoga and that has really helped! I must credit my newfound fitness levels to Bharat Thakur’s yoga sessions.

* The hour and a half sessions every day have helped me tremendously to gain focus and maintain sync between my body and soul. I certainly recommend yoga to anyone who wants to be mentally and physically fit. Thanks to Shahid Kapoor, I eat vegetarian food which has further enhanced my physique! I also don’t drink alcohol. I am working at it and I am sure I will knock off a few more kilos really soon.

* ”As far as her beauty regime goes she says, "Don't use any chemical preparations," she advises. "Control you’re eating and drinking habits and your skin will be glowing forever.

* "Bebo has been unwinding, relaxing, chilling and catching up on everything she’s been missed out during all those months of hard work. So we guess it’s a case of healthy mind and healthy body, right?