Sexual Abuse Awareness among Children


Something Parents dont want to talk about, something they want to keep away from their children, something that can happen to any child, something we all want to never happen to anyone, Sexual Abuse. It has been on an increase across the World and Children, irrespective of Age, Race, Economic status are being affected. 'How can we stop?' is something that we just dont have to keep questioning and worrying, instead, we can stop it from coming even closer to our children. Awareness is all what it takes, and Attention is all what it needs. Some basic and very important points if followed strictly can stop it happening.

Provide a Safety Awareness to your children:

Be it a girl or a boy, teach children to stay away from strangers, unless introduced by parents as well wishers..even then, Children need to learn to discern among the good and the bad depending on their behaviour towards children. A close relative can be perfectly fine as a great helper and a wonderful wellwisher but they may have a darker side. Read or narrate very short stories about how to identify such an inconvenient behaviour by strangers or even people whom the child knows well.



Learn to trust your Children: Your child might complain to you about someone's odd behaviour, or escalate a friend's odd experience at School. Dont ignore it, instead followup on the matter and trace it. Try a fool proof method of keeping your child or his/her friend away from that stranger for few days and notice their response..if they tell you that they feel safe, then that stranger is really a weed to be removed from the scene permanently. Show them signs that they can trust you no matter what happens, that they can tell you anything and express any feelings, and that they will not be punished for expressing matters.

Spend private and dedicated time with your Child everyday:

Giving undivided attention to your child, for some time everyday is a good practice to strengthen that bond with your children. Share your personal experiences of joy and sorrow, inorder that they learn to share the same with you...this way, they will never hesitate to express their feelings, good or bad, with you. Just dont ignore a child's change in behaviour, it can be any sign...either they become too silent or over soon as you onserve a change, discuss with him/her and find out the reason behind the change and discomfort...

Keep track of everyone who meets your child:

Knowing your child's friends and their parents, his/her Teacher's and strangers they might have come across in a day during lunch time, while going to or coming from School etc., Not leaving your child with anyone is a better can be Daddy, but not your cousin or a good friend or never know.

Protecting children from Sexual abuse is our responsibility...let not that bitter experience happen to any child just because we were ignorant or too busy to bother or even trust the child when they complain about your Cousin or Uncle !!