Are Dads ready to Baby Sit ?



A first time Dad has absolutely no clue about whats happening before the baby comes, after he/she is here. They tend to see mostly the physical changes in Mom, and at Home...psychological and emotional changes and developments are not their cuppa tea..for many Dads out there. For a second timer and so, every time is the first time., they only know about the present day scenario, they just forget about what happened with the first child, so easily. A crying baby is their fear-factor, beleive me! Mom gets comfy around the infant, even though she is a first timer, still ..Dad just doesnot want to display any patience, they panic, panic and force everyone around to panic.

Tell me if you havenot seen a similar situation in your family or among relatives and friends. Even though Child Birth Awareness Classes are getting common and spreading to many countries, Dads still look innocent. They attend the classes well, but they froget everything by the time they reach the Delivery Room with Mom. Well, few Dads need to be complimented for their interest and natural display of affection towards Mom during Labor, that they recollect every point taught at the Child Birth awareness Classes. They stay silent and only encourage, instead of panicking and frustrating the Mom during her labor intense fury moments.



It is always good to get some professional or expereinced help and advice before entering into ChildCare duties. How to deal with an infant, a toddler and a growing up young adult and how to live around a pregnant wife and a Post Partum Mommy needs lot of love for the family and patience by itself. Mom is already busy taking care of her own self, her yet to be born child or a New born, a toddler...sorry to say this but there is an ongoing job that she has to take up, constantly training Dad for every stage of childcare. Other expereinced adults in the family and among relatives and friends can help, by offering good advice. They can make things better or worsen too...hence, it is the best if both Mom and Dad are good friends and help eachother always.

Even Dads go through so many emotions, of happiness, tension etc during witnessing child birth or labor that Mom goes through. Financial burden and Work pressure might be the two major reasons for his frustration or preoccupied behaviour...sleepless nights just after child birth or later, when there is no one else to help the family, might cause a restless agitation after few days too. Here too, not all Dads let out their frustration in the same way..some, dont get irate or frustrated, atall. In any case, a newborn baby who is crying badly and cannot be handled more by Dad, its always better to have Mommy take care even though she is busy, and Dad gets a few minutes of rest and comes back to duty, rather than getting even more restless with the situation. Dads are daughters' best friends and sons' playmates....they can handle things so well, if trained well !!

- Prathyusha