HTSA Fund‐Raising Event

The Hindu Temple of San Antonio (HTSA) conducted a Samoohika Sri Venkateswara Kalyana Mahotsavam on a grand scale with 129 couples participating in an elaborate wedding celebration that was witnessed by over 300 devotees. The festivities started with Suprabhatam in the early morning hours in the Main Temple followed by a procession carrying Sri Venkateswara to Mahalakshmi Hall. Girls performing kolatam and a drummer keeping up an uplifting beat provided a festive atmosphere as theprocession pushed and pulled the Garuda Vahanam carrying the deity around the temple (pradakshina)and to Mahalakshmi Hall.

Couples on the girls side (Bhoo Devi and Sri Devi were already at the wedding hall) received the groom (yedurukolu) with garlands and ushered him into the hall and on to the kalayana mantapam. Beautiful prayer chantings by members of the Houston Namadwaar greeted devotees as they were ushered intothe hall and seated in pre‐assigned spots by volunteers. Following brief welcome and introductoryremarks, the kalyanam commenced with Viswaksena Aradhana and Punyaha Vachanam. The prieststhen proceeded with Kanya Varanam, Vivaha Deekshaa Kankana Dhaaranam, Madhuparka Pooja,Vastraabharana Samarpanam, Godaanam, and Kanyadaanam. Subha Muhurtam arrived and wasmarked by the bride and groom touching each other’s head with brown sugar and jeera. LordVenkateswara then tied the holy mangalya to Padmaavathi. This was followed by Akshata Aropanam with devotees offering sacred rice to the Divine Couple’s feet. Brahma Grandhi and Mahat Asheervachanam followed, with Maha Mangala Aarthi finally concluding the kalyanam.

This kalyanam was performed as a fund‐raising event for temple construction projects. Prior fundraising efforts had helped finance the upcoming metal roof replacement, main temple hall remodeling and Yajna Kund/Homa Shala construction projects. This event is expected to fund renovation of dining hall and kitchen and construction of Vimanagopurams as well as other projects. Two groups consisting of 21 couples and 108 couples sponsored this kalyanam.


HTSA Chairman Elect / Fund‐Raising Committee Chairman, T. Venkateswar (Raj) Goud, thanked the devotees, volunteers, and priests for successfully performing the Kalyana Mahotsavam, with a special thanks to the Board of Trustees and the Fund‐Raising Committee members (Venkatesh Adivi, Murthy Patamalla, Sreeram Padala, Kesavaram Narkunan, and Ramakrishna Joolukuntla) for meeting the fundraising goals for this event.

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