TANTEX TAX Seminar to The Dallas Community

“Tax Planning is Legal but Tax Evasion is Illegal and let’s make informed decisions about the financial matters” is the theme of the afternoon gathered at the Paradise Biryani Pointe restaurant, Irving, TX as a part of a series of Business Seminars hosted by the Business & Member Services Committee of the Telugu Association of North Texas (TANTEX), founded in 1986 as a non-profit, non-religious organization to maintain, preserve and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Telugu speaking people of North Texas.

Mr. Poorna Chandra Rao Vemulapalli, Chair, Business & Member Services (BMS) of TANTEX, extended a warm welcome to the attendees in spite of a busy weekend with various other events in town. Mr. Vemulapalli gave a brief overview of the objectives of the BMS committee and reminded the audience of the key upcoming events. The objective of such a seminar is to provide the community with a comprehensive and practical understanding of the income tax related topics and issues.

TANTEX TAX Seminar to The Dallas CommunityTANTEX TAX Seminar to The Dallas Community

 In her introduction of the Perfect Tax organization, Ms. Kiara, Customer Service Manager quoted “Perfect Tax is a division of the Perfect Business Services, Inc. a business service company of Dallas, TX with more than 2000 clients and multiple CPAs and Tax attorneys to provide various professional services, such as, Tax returns, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Incorporation, Patent and Trade Mark registration, Tax planning, Estate planning and a host of other services”.

A team of employees from Perfect Tax lead by Mr. Mahesh Thakkar, Founder, Mr. Sam Thakkar, Mr. Poorvesh Thakkar and Ms. Kiara delivered presentations on a wide range of tax planning topics, such as, tax saving strategies, combating IRS audits, preventing law suits while safeguarding assets, and most importantly issues related to Foreign Bank Accounting Report (FBAR) and Foreign Accounting Tax compliance Act (FATCA). There were a plethora of questions from the audience on tax planning and the issues related to IRS audits. In response to a question from the audience Perfect tax team reiterated the firm’s diversity and experience of their founder Mr. Mahesh Thakkar and the credibility he brings to the table to serve the clients.

TANTEX TAX Seminar to The Dallas CommunityTANTEX TAX Seminar to The Dallas Community

The informative and thought provoking seminar came to an end with vote of thanks by the Business & Member Services committee lead by Mr. Vemulapalli, Mr. Vijay Mohan Kakarla and Mr. Rajesh Chilukuri to the distinguished speakers, the audience for their attendance, volunteers who spent countless hours of valuable time and Paradise Biryani Pointe for providing tasty food, excellent facilities and great meeting ambiance.

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