Keep away the Infections!



Well, as we all know ‘Prevention is better than Cure!’ These infections, to which we fall prey, are successful in their attempt for the sole reason that we neglect the petite things or the minor precautions slip out of our minds!

In general, the basic principle for infection prevention and control is the hygiene. Hygiene includes personal, social, community and food hygiene!

Personal hygiene includes, the basic cleanliness, promptly washing your hand before eating and trimming and keeping nails clean aid maximum in avoiding food borne diseases. Immunization is yet another precaution to be taken.

Food borne disease poses a major challenge in the prevention of the infections. The food may be contaminated by either microbes due to over-exposure to the environment or by chemicals the chemical seep into our foods as preservatives. So it’s best to eat self-cooked and fresh foods! Over these, there are epidemic scares too which spread through pork and chicken. So extra-care has to be taken while cooking them!

If you are a pet-keeper, then you have to tighten up your rules of hygiene, as infections may spread through their feces. Keep your pet under the specialized care of a Vet; get its regular shots and treatments for worms. And stay away from the stray and wild animals! 

One must keep in mind that not always we need an anti-biotic dosage when you are sick. These pills only work against the bacteria but not against viruses. If you take anti-biotic improperly or take them unnecessarily you might develop drug resistant bacteria and anti-biotic drugs can not fight these resistant bacteria. Thus, never ever share anti-biotic drugs neither change the dosage if not advised by a physician!