Hobbies..a dying past-time?

 ...... Veena Shyam Raja       In this modern day super-fast gadget driven techno world , the present generation hardly seems to be finding time for something as ‘mundane’ as pursuing a hobby. Usually an activity which makes the person feels good, hobbyists engage in hobbies purely out of interest. It is generally for the emotional returns that are valued rather than financial reward that people choose their favourite pastime. An activity chosen as hobby is very dear to one's heart, doing which the hobbyist derives immense satisfaction. Off late I have been noticing a strange trend emerge especially in the ‘women oriented’ television programmes that is aired every afternoon. When asked about their hobbies, most women seem to agree on the same thing, watching television! Music, Dance, Painting, Collecting Curios, Knitting, Embroidery….. All those “once upon a time favourite hobbies” seem to disappeared into thin air! Startling facts revealed! A recent study shows that hobbies like stamp collecting, model making, having ‘pen friends’ etc. are dying out. It has been found that traditional pastimes and games that once used to engage the young and old alike for hours together are now considered “boring” and “ancient”. Researchers examined the changing face of pastimes typically enjoyed by teenagers 30 or more years ago compared to modern day teens. They found the likes of rambling, bird watching and stamp, shells, coin collecting are all but dead and buried.  Other hobbies which modern kids turn their noses up these days include collecting marbles, completing jigsaws, reading story books. Ask any child and about their favourite hobby these days and pat comes the reply, “watching television”, “playing videogames”, “hanging out with friends on social network sites” ,”facebooking”.  It is disheartening to know the even adults, pursue similar pastimes these days!  Well, that is one virtual reality that needs to be accepted, I guess. Who has the time for such pleasures!! What the big deal about hobbies anyway?   They, on surface, might seem like a rather trite and trivial thing – something one does to prevent boredom from creeping in and overtaking the senses. However, upon closer inspection, hobbies prove to be wonderful activities that not only occupy our free time, but also help us considerably reduce stress, build community, foster relationships, educate large numbers of people and enhance culture in rewarding and unexpected ways. A hobby is an activity we enjoy to do, it is something of our choosing, something unique to our taste and talent. A hobby can enhance our well-being and can give more meaning to our life.  Benefits of nurturing a hobby The human mind is one of the most awe-inspiring of creations – a sophisticated machine that operates within the human body and plays a major role in controlling our actions, thoughts and temperaments. Just as a machine needs oil, gas and electricity to function, the mind needs its share of stimulation to operate and produce results. Man is indeed a social animal and thrives in the company of like-minded people. This is still evident from the fact that the modern day ‘lonely single child’ seeks the company of hundreds of virtual like-minded friends and thrives in their company. He “shares”, “likes” and expects the same from others.  It is generally seen that an idle person tends to dwell in sadness and acquires a negative approach of life. Such people can benefit tremendously by cultivating a hobby, though a hobby is, quite simply, the best prescription to active minds for scaling greater heights.   Beat the blues: Hobby is great cure for relieving stress too! Whatever our career or field might be, it’s so important to stretch outside of that area and pursue unrelated interests. It expands our range of life experiences, our networking and social circles, and gives us something interesting to talk about that isn’t work-related.  It is a distinct way to get away from the otherwise monotonous everyday regimen. Best for elders: Hobbies are a wonderful way to pass time especially for retired seniors with ample leisure time. Great amount of research on the subject suggests reading, playing cards, board games, knitting and cracking crossword puzzles contribute to prevent or minimize memory loss associated with the process of ageing. By engaging in a cognitive exercise, one can feel guarded against the onset of dementia and the Alzheimer's disease. The benefit of sharing a hobby with their grandchildren of course, needless to say, is priceless! Connecting with oneself Perhaps one of the best active ways to get in touch with ourselves is to explore ourselves through a hobby. It does not really matter what our hobby is; as long as it is our own. It is the private time we have with ourselves. Interestingly, when we have a hobby, we will strive to create time for ourselves and manage our schedule well to keep those appointments. As an alternative career option Though not really a priority but, many people have made a flourishing career out of their hobby. What can be more rewarding and enjoyable than the fact that our career and work is also the source of our unwinding and relaxation! When we take up a hobby or pursue the one we have with a sense of purpose, we can think of adding value to ourselves.  Some great business careers have emerged from a simple pastime!   To foster Friendship Though it is not the day and age of making pen friends anymore but hobbyists have often found great pleasure and meeting with and sharing their interests with people of similar tastes. A tech-savvy hobbyist may even consider creating blogs and participate in forums or clubs that connect other hobbyists. One’s hobby can become a networking tool that opens a new avenue to build friendship.  Gifting your hand made article increases it value multifold! Discover and  Re-discover those hidden Talents So, the next time your child comes home with a project, don’t be upset with the school or his teachers.  Your attitude towards your child’s work might just pave way for a great discovery and at the same time create a greater bond. Also, in the process, you might just surprise yourself with the creativity you never knew existed in you!  Go ahead….. Indulge in your favourite hobby, relax, enjoy and marvel at your own creativity.

వింక్ గ్లాసెస్

        కళ్ళద్దాలు ఎందుకు ? మన కళ్ళు వాటి సామర్ద్యాన్నికోల్పోతుంటే వాటికి సహాయపడేందుకు ? అవునా? లేదా వాటి రక్షణకి , అందంగా కనిపించడానికి అంతే కదా ! కాదూ- అలసిన కళ్ళు రెప్పవేయటానికి అంతేకదా! కాదు అలసిన కళ్ళు రెప్పవేయటం కూడా మర్చిపోతే గుర్తుచేయటానికి ఆశ్యర్యంగా వుందా! గంటల కొద్ది సిస్టమ్ ల ముందు కూర్చుని పని ఒత్తిడితో కళ్ళకి రెప్పవేయడం కూడా మర్చిపోతున్నారట కొందరు, మరి అలా రెప్ప వాల్చకపోతే కళ్ళకి ఇబ్బంది కదా. అప్పుడు యూఎస్ బీ చార్జింగ్ కళ్ళజోడు పెట్టుకుంటే చాలు ఈ కళ్ళ జోడుకి వింక్ గ్లాసస్ అని పేరు పెట్టారు . ఇది మనం ఆదమరచి రెప్పవేయకుండా తెరను చూస్తూవుంటే ప్రత్యేక సెన్సార్ల సాయంతో కుడివైపు అద్దానికి మబ్బు కమ్మినట్టుగా చేస్తుంది. దీంతో మనం రెప్ప వాల్చక తప్పదు . ఇలా మనం పనిలో పది కళ్ళను ఇబ్బంది పెడితే ప్రతి ఐదు సెకన్లకు కళ్ళకు ఉపసమనం కలిగిస్తాయి ఈ వింక్ గ్లాసస్ దీన్ని ఛార్జ్ చేస్తుండాలి. ఇలా మనం ఒక్కసారి ఛార్జ్ చేస్తే 8 గంటలు పాటు మన కళ్ళని కాపాడే పనిలో బిజీగా వుంటాయి ఆ కళ్ళద్దాలు పైగా ఈ కళ్ళద్దాలేం ప్రత్యేకంగా కనిపించవు మాములు మన కల్లద్దలనే వుంటాయి. ఎటొచ్చి ఓ పక్కగా ఓ చిన్న యంత్రం వుంటుంది. అంతే జపాన్ కు చెందిన మసునగా ఆప్టికల్స్ కంపనీ తయారుచేసిన ఈ కళ్ళద్దాలకి ఇప్పుడు బోల్డు డిమాండ్ చూశారా మన కనురెప్ప వేయటానికి కూడా ఇక మనం కష్టపడక్కర లెద్దు. ....రమ

వేడి టీ వల్ల క్యాన్సర్!

        చికాగుగా ఉన్నప్పుడు వేడి వేడి టీ తాగితే హాయిగా వుంటుంది అనుకునే వాళ్ళకి " జాగ్రత్త ఎక్కువ వేడి మంచిది కాదు" అని హెచ్చరిస్తున్నారు పరిశోధకులు. ఎందుకంటే మరీ పొగలు కక్కే టీ తాగే అలవాటు ఉన్నవారికి ఆహార నాళా క్యాన్సర్ వచ్చే అవకాశం వుందిట. చాలా వేడిగా అంటే 70 డిగ్రీల సెల్సియస్ కన్నా ఎక్కువ ఉషోగ్రత గల టీ తాగే అలవాటు ఉన్నవారికి ఈ ప్రమాదం పొంచి వుందట. ఇరాన్ అధ్యయన బృందం తమ అధ్యాయనంలో భాగంగా ఆహారనాళా క్యాన్సర్ బారినపడిన వారితో పాటు ఆరోగ్యవంతులైన వారి టీ తాగే అలవాట్లనూ పరిశీలించారు. గోరు వెచ్చగా ఉండే టీ తాగే వారితో పోలిస్తే వేడి టీ తాగే వారిలో ఆహార నాళా క్యాన్సర్ ముప్పు రెండింతలు పెరుగుతున్నట్టు తేలిందిట. కాబట్టి మరి పొగలు కక్కే టీ కాకుండా కాస్త వేడిగా వుండే టీ తాగడం అలవాటుగా చేసుకోండి. ....రమ

The “Simple Bare Necessities”!

.....Veena Shyamraj   Baloo the bear did know what he was talking about when he taught the simple bare necessities to Mowgli in the Walt Disney Classic, Jungle Book. Come on now! Who needs Baloo the bear? Haven’t we all heard that the simple and the best things in life are free?         The point is, do we really believe in it ourselves? In this mad daily routine and a race that seems to be leading us nowhere, we often choose to ignore the simplicity of life.  Things that might actually make every moment of our precious life, worth living and pleasurable. Check out these 8 really simple points.  They might actually help you lead a more blissful and energized life. The best part here is that one does not have to spend a lot of time, energy and money on these. After all, we did promise that they’d come for free, right? 1. Breathe: And breathe deeply. Right now, even as you read this. Don’t overlook the powerful benefits from the simple of things. This is a frequent, automatic cleansing action that takes place every few seconds. The deeper we draw our breath in, the more oxygen gets to our system.  A deep, purposeful inhale calms our mind, de-stresses our body and enlivens our spirit with instant force of life. When you start to feel stress, immediately take a deep breath in.  Always remember to take a few deep breaths, before you react to something, and then, respond (not react) to the situation.  It never fails to work. When we breathe deeply, we borrow attention from the often disoriented mind, and put ourselves back into the command center of our lives. It is our most basic physical connector to LIFE ITSELF and, like promised, comes absolutely free! 2.  Eat simple and clean:  When the creator made us, he also put us on a planet that has more than enough to sustain us. Mother earth has practically everything that we need, without us having to work hard and worry ourselves. Food from the earth is live energy.  The closer our food is to its natural grown state, the better it is for us. The more organic things we take in from the earth and the less filler and contaminates of “man-made” additions, the happier and more energized we feel. When you are shopping for groceries the next time, think, “SIMPLE FOODS.” Food does not have to be expensive and elaborate.  Eat just what your body requires to sustain it for nourishment and save the rest for later.  Clean foods. Clean system. Clean body. Happier LIFE! 3. De- clutter:  This can be a little tough! But, we actually need much less than what we think we do.  Now is the time to take that decision. Clear out that space and get rid of all the unwanted stuff. A clean, clear, organized physical space, leads to a clean, clear inner space. We generally end up keeping old things around because we believe we have an attachment to them, and not an actual use for them.   Let’s try storing memories in our heart, without keeping all the items from the past. Clothes, Books, Ornaments, Stuff that we used as a child there’s no end to the weird things we can get “attached” to! Make a pile for donation and give them away….absolutely free. There is nothing like getting ready for the day in a clean, beautiful space, because it puts your mood in an immediate UPLIFT! 4. Move that body! The more physically healthy we are, the more emotionally healthy we feel. When we feel strong outside, we feel strong inside. Get a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, and do things that make you feel GREAT and energized. In any form that you like. Research shows that people who exercise live longer, healthier and feel happier overall. All of us know this, but do we follow it? When we make exercise a part of our daily routine and start noticing its benefits, it is difficult to live without it. 5. Connect with the creator:  Do you feels being spiritual is laborious? You might have misunderstood it then. Spirituality is not knowing or saying or doing anything, it is an “Experience”. The essence of creator is everywhere around us, right from the shoes we wear to the air we breathe.  Feel the connection.  A simple prayer straight from the heart, Meditation, Light visualization, walking in Nature.  Even repeating ONE verse of scripture that has particular meaning can connect one to Divine Source Energy. The energy or light is present in every living thing. It is simple, loving, ever-present, and all inclusive. We need nothing grand to reach it, but the opening in awareness. Go ahead, connect with the creator. You can even try smiling at a child, or like a child, experience the connection now, in this moment. 6.  Life is full of  love and positive energy:  Surrounding oneself with  positive, happy people can make a lot of difference in the way one lives and looks at things. Be with people who see and bring out the best in you. Never belittle or speak ill of yourself or complain about your life. Choose thoughts and words carefully, say positive things about people around you see good in everybody, refrain from gossiping. These simple points can transform the energy field around us immensely. Being in the company of people who make us feel safe and secure can bring about a positive change. Life is indeed simple…. Full of love and positivity. 7.  Never give up hope:  No matter what.  Live in the present and believe that the next moment is a gift. The best in life is yet to come. Doing things we never thought we were capable of, challenging ourselves every moment of the day to make it better, puts us on a high all the time! Human mind can be a pretty deceiving place, because every experience of our past is stored in our subconscious. At any given moment, the mind can open up its data files and re-circulate the past around in our heads over and over again, making us dizzy and confused.  It will also project us into a future that hasn’t happened yet, and one that is usually full of our worst fear (which rarely comes to pass!) As long as we know better and watch our thoughts, we can stop ourselves from falling into the trap. 8. Listen to the inner voice: And finally, be honest and true to yourself. Never do things to please others. Say how you feel, and don’t stuff your emotions.  Say no, if something isn’t right for you.  Say yes to risks if it will lead you to what you want. The more you live in integrity with who you REALLY are, and what you want for your life, the less painful detours you take into situations (and relationships) that aren’t right for you. It’s not always popular to live this way, but ask yourself if you want to follow the crowd and get the same results that they are getting.  If not, then be willing to check in with your own inner compass before you make commitments. It will soon guide you constantly and you will find that you will be cleaning up your language, your thoughts, your relationships, and your commitments automatically.  Life will feel simpler. And that is how it is meant to be.  

పెంపుడు రోబో కుక్క పిల్ల!

        పెంపుడు జంతువులని మచ్చిక చేసుకుని వాటితో గడిపితే ఒత్తిడి వంటివి తగ్గుతాయని అందరికి తెలిసిందే. అయినా ఏ బుజ్జి కుక్క పిల్లనో తెచ్చుకుని పెంచుకోవాలంటే ఇల్లు సరిపోదు, పైగా దాని కోసమన్నా ఉదయం, సాయంత్రం వాకింగ్ చేయక తప్పదు. ఇంట్లో పిల్లలుంటే ఏవన్నా ఎలర్జీలు వస్తాయేమోనని భయం . ఇలా ఎన్నో సందేహాలతో పెంపుడు జంతువులని చేరదీయలేక పోతున్నామని భాదపడే వారి కోసం రోబోలని తయారు చేసారు. ఇవి అచ్చం ప్రాణం వున్న కుక్కపిల్లలనే కనిపిస్తాయి. పైగా ప్లాస్టిక్, సిలికాన్లతో తయారుచేసిన వీటి పొట్ట నిండా సెన్సార్లు ,కెమెరాలు, మైక్రోఫోన్ లు పెడతారు. దాంతో ఆ కుక్క మనతో ఆడుతుంది, గెంతుతుంది,నిద్రపోతుంది మన ఒళ్లో ఎక్కి గారాలు పోతుంది. అంతే కాదు దీనికి కోపం, భాద , అన్ని తెలుస్తాయట! ఓ పెంపుడు కుక్కపిల్లలా అన్ని రకాలుగా మనల్ని అడిస్తుందట. బుజ్జి కుక్కపిల్లని పెంచుకుందాం అంటూ మారాం చేసే పిల్లలకి ఈ రోబో కుక్కపిల్లని బహుమతిగా ఇవ్వాలనుకుంటే ఓ 349 డాలర్లు అంటే మన రూపాయల్లో ఓ పదిహేడు వేలు ఖర్చు పెట్టాలంతే. ....రమ

మహిళలే బెస్ట్

        నీకేం తెలుసు వంటవార్పు , పిల్లల పెంపకం తప్ప అని ఎవరైనా అంటే చిన్నబుచ్చుకోవలసిన అవసరం ఇంకేమాత్రం లేదు అవే మంచి మేనేజర్ కావడానికి ముఖ్యమైన అంశాలని పరిశోధించి మరీ నిగ్గుతేల్చారు - కనుక క్లార్క్ యూనివర్సిటి సెంటర్ ఫర్ క్రియేటివ్ లీడర్ షిప్ సంయుక్తం గా నిర్వహించిన పరిశోదన లో తెలిన ఆసక్తికర విషయం ఆడవారిని ఆనందంలో ముంచేసింది బిడ్డల్ని పెంచడంలోని నైపుణ్యం ఒక సంస్థనిర్వహణలో నైపుణ్యం ఇంచుమించుగా దగ్గరగా ఉంటాయట కాబట్టి తల్లిగా బాధ్యత నిర్వహిస్తున్న గృహిణులు మంచి మేనేజర్ గా రాణించగల అవకాశాలు ఎక్కువని తేల్చారు .    ఇంకా చురుకైన సాదారణ వ్యక్తికన్న  బహుముఖ సమస్యలతో బహుపాత్రాలని  పోషించే  వ్యక్తి విధి నిర్వహణ లో మెరుగ్గా వుంటారని  కూడా తేల్చారు  ఈ  పరిశోధనలో  ... ఎందుకంటే  వీరు అప్రమత్తంగా  వుంటూ ప్రతి పనిని సక్రమంగా పూర్తి చేయటానికి ప్రయత్నిస్తారట  ...      ఏతా వాత  తేలిందే  ఏమిటంటే ఇల్లాలు, పిల్లల తల్లి, ఇంటి భాద్యతలు  వంటివేవి  స్త్రీ పురోగతికి  అడ్డంకి ఏమాత్రం కావని  పైగా అవే ఆమెని చురుగ్గా, మెరుగైన పనిమంతురాలుగా తీర్చిదిద్దుతాయని.                                                                                                                                                -----  రమ

మీ కనుబొమ్మలు ఎలా ఉండాలో తెలుసా?

    కళ్ళ ఆకారానికి పరిపూర్ణతని, ముఖానికి ఒక తీరైన అందాన్ని ఇచ్చేవి కనుబొమ్మలు చాల మంది రొటిన్ గా కనుబొమ్మలు షేప్ చేయించుకుంటారు కాని ఎలా చేస్తే తమ ముఖానికి నప్పుతాయో అలోచించరు అంటున్నారు బ్యూటీ నిపుణులు- హావ భావ ప్రకటనలలో ప్రముఖ పాత్ర పోషించే ఈ కనుబొమ్మల గురించి తెల్సుకోవలసిన విషయాలన్నో వున్నాయి. మీ అందానికి మెరుగు దిద్దుకోవాలను కుంటే ముందు ముఖ్యంగా మీ ముఖాకృతి ఏ తీరు కనుబోమ్మలని షేప్ చేయించుకుంటే బావుంటుందో తెల్సుకుందాం.     కోలా ముఖానికి : మిది కోలా ముఖం అయితే కనుబొమ్మలు స్ట్రెయిట్ గా ఉండాలి గుండ్రటి ముఖమైతే:   కొద్దిపాటి కోణంతో వంపు తిరిగిన కనుబొమ్మలు బావుంటాయి చతురస్రాకారపు ముఖానికి: మాంగ్యులర్ ఐబ్రోస్ నప్పుతాయి త్రోకోణాకారపు ముఖం:   ఈ ముఖాకృతి కలవారికి కనుబొమ్మలు వంపుతిరిగి ఉంటే బావుంటుంది నుదురు చిన్నగా ఉంటే: నుదురు చిన్నగా ఉంటె కనుబోమ్మలు కొంచం వంపు తిరిగి ఉంటే బావుంటుంది నుదురు విశాలంగా ఉంటే: కనుబొమ్మలు బాగా వంపు తిరిగి ఉండాలి ఇలా మీది ఏ ముఖాకృతో దానికి తగినట్టు కనుబోమ్మలని షేప్ చేయించుకుంటే మీ హావ భావ ప్రకటనలలో సరికొత్త అందం తొంగి చూస్తుంది.                                                         --- రమ

Womans Day -Redefine your Goals

      Knowing what you want can put you on the path to success. According to a study from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the most successful people not only have goals, but also jot them down and refer to them regularly. "Goal setting gives you direction and helps you focus," says study author David Kohl, PhD, professor emeritus. "When you see life aspirations in black and white, you're more likely to commit to them." Make a list of goals, then pick one. Start by writing down any life dream or passion that comes to mind, suggests Debra Castaldo, PhD, adjunct professor of cognitive behavior therapy at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey School of Social Work. Just let the words come as they may. It doesn't matter if the goals are big, small, impractical or ridiculous. Once you write one down, draw a line from it and write another. "Think of it as an idea tree," Dr. Castaldo says. "People tend to edit themselves and set goals that are too narrow. Doing it this way, sort of stream-of-consciousness writing, let’s all kinds of ideas flow." Then prioritize: Pick the most doable goal first and start moving toward it. Source: Womansday.com Another tip is you could make a collage of the goals you want to achieve. Take a large cardboard sheet and paste it with pictures and words that represent your goals or desires, Focus on it every day and affirm that these goals should happen. It’s a holistic approach to realizing your goals called vision boarding. Try this with your female friends where each of you can get together and make individual goals sheets together … it is a lot easier and fun to do with your female friends and a  great  way to celebrate Women’s’ Day affirming your future new goals ! TeluguOne  

What Your Haircut Says About You

You can change your clothes and accessories daily, but not your hairstyle. Your hairstyle can give away lot of secrets and often is a reflection of your true self. You may be looking coy in a salwar kameez, but your pixie cut will show people your wild side. So let us have a look at some “hair raising” secrets your hairstyle can reveal to the world.   Wavy hair   Wavy hair can be difficult to maintain. It requires regular shampooing and deep conditioning. Women with long wavy tresses are very feminine and chic. These women don’t mind going an extra mile to look absolutely gorgeous. They like to dress impeccably and are trendsetters in their own right. Best Suits: Wavy hair looks good on women who have a slim face and even those with a broad forehead.   Straight long hair   Straight long hair shows your youthful and fuss free style. These women are dubbed as “low maintenance” by men. They are comfortable at home, at a dhaaba, as well at a five star fine dining restaurant. They have a happy go lucky outlook. Long straight hair, when paired with a pretty dress, can make you look sexy too. This hairstyle is not suited on women who have a small face, as long hair can make their face look really petite. Best Suits: It is ideal for long and thin faces.   Bob cut Bob haircut defines a very focused; no nonsense woman, who exudes power as well elegance with her hairstyle and personal style. It is a very simple hairstyle and requires virtually no styling. It can be a little difficult to carry off and is more suited to rounder faces. Best Suits: The sharp curves of a bob cut seamlessly blends with a roundish face and gives it a dramatic look.   Ultra short bob   Never confuse a plain bob cut with an ultra short bob. These women are as different as chalk and cheese. An ultra short bob symbolises an assertive woman who has a strong sex appeal. She has a personal style and never follows any rules. Best Suits: The ultra short bob suits women with a good bone structure. Your short hair draws attention to your high cheekbones and perfect jaw.   Bangs   Bangs are considered to be very flirtatious and saucy. But all the fluff should not blind you to the woman’s personality. These women have a strong personality but they like to be in touch with their feminine side as well. They give you a new look without you having to compromise with the length of your hair. Best Suits: Bangs are best suited for women with a large forehead as they help you cover it up.   Pixie cut   Pixie cut is considered to be a very bold and daring hairstyle since it is very difficult to carry off. The pixie cut symbolises a confident woman who is all set to dazzle the world with her self-assurance. Best Suits: If you have a small face then this look is perfect for you. Oval face too goes well with the pixie cut.     Courtesy: Yahoo Lifestyle  

Your eating habits may affect your job performance!

  Employees who eat healthy meals and exercise regularly are more productive at work and have a better job performance, a new US study has claimed.   Researchers from the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center for Health Research at Healthways found that employees who eat healthy all day long were 25 per cent more likely to have higher job performance.   While those who eat five or more servings of fruit and vegetables at least four times a week were 20 per cent more likely to be more productive, website BusinessNewsDaily reported.   In addition, employees who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, were 15 per cent more likely to have higher job performance.   Overall, absenteeism was 27 per cent lower for those workers who ate healthy and regularly exercised and that their job performance was 11 per cent higher than their peers who were obese, the study found.   Overweight workers experienced lower job performance and higher absenteeism, compared to those employees who suffer from depression and other chronic diseases or conditions.   "This latest study investigating the link between employee health, performance and productivity reinforces the business case for employers to provide comprehensive, evidence-based health management programs for their work force," said Jerry Noyce, president and CEO of HERO.   "Well-being is gaining recognition as an important measure that relates both to the quality of life of individuals as well as to financial measures that are important to business and government leaders," said Carter Coberley, vice president of Health Research and Outcomes at Healthways.   The study was based on data from three geographically dispersed US companies, representing 20,114 employees who completed a work-related survey each year from 2008 through 2010.   The research was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.   

Dressing ideas for the mother-of-the-bride

  Your Big Day isn’t just about you and him – it’s special for your parents as well. For them it is one of the most awaited and happiest occasions of their life. It is your duty to make it big and special for them as well and here are a few dressing ideas for your mother who surely deserves a special treat!    1. Choosing the right dress and colour  Go for a saree in bright shades with traditional zardozi, meena, lumpi work. Outlining with pearl or Swarovski will make it appropriately chic. Deep shades will make her look dated while nudist hues will give her a cougar appeal which is undesirable. Georgette and Khaddi fabrics with velvet partition will enhance her overall personality.   2. Jewellery options  As per jewellery, keep it balanced. With heavy necklaces, go for studded earrings. With diamond pendants, matching earrings in the same pattern are a must. Jadau jewellery looks slightly dated, so instead of it, you can go for antique gold jewellery which is always in vogue during the winter weddings.Kada type bangles add a regal grace and are easier to manage than an arm full of bangles.     3. Stylish yet comfortable footwear  Since a lot of moving around and standing is involved during wedding and reception, many brides opt for shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish. Same applies for your mother too and therefore get her a nice pair of sandals with wedged or low heels that match with her saree. Pedicure makes all the difference for nice feet and therefore you must make sure that your mother does get that done   4. Accessorize well  A stylish clutch that matches with her saree is a must. You just cannot miss out on this. Potli shaped bags are also in vogue so make it a point that your mom carries one of them.   5. Graceful hairstyle  Hairstyle should be simple yet artistic, as befitting her face and age. Do not insist upon intricate hairdo where curls keep slipping from the chignon. This might appear little untidy. If at all the idea is to soften the appearance with a couple of tendrils, ask the stylist to do so while maintaining your mother’s overall grace.

వీకెండ్ నలభీమ పాకం

        వంట చేయడం ఒకప్పుడు ఆడవాళ్ల డ్యూటీ.. ఇప్పుడైతే మగమహారాజులుకూడా ఫ్యాషన్ గా వంట చేసేయడం పాషన్ గా మార్చుకుంటున్నారు. రకరకాల రుచులు, వంటకాల్ని నేర్చుకుని సరదాగా జీవిత భాగస్వామికి ఓ రోజు వండిపెట్టి ఆమె దగ్గర మంచి మార్కులు కొట్టేసేందుకు తెగ ఆరాటపడుతున్నారు. ఆలూమగలన్నాక ఆ మాత్రం అవగాహన ఉండదా ఏంటి అని ఎవరైనా అడిగితే.. రోజూ చూసే భార్యేకదా అని పొగడకుండా ఉంటామా..ఏంటి అంటూ గడుసు సమాధానం చెబుతున్నారు. వారమంతా ఆఫీస్ పనిలో తలమునకలయ్యే పురుషపుంగవులకు వీకెండ్ లో ఏదైనా వెరైటీగా చేయాలన్న తపన ఎక్కువైపోతోందట. ఆదరాబాదరాగా ఏదో రెస్టారెంట్ కెళ్లి వాళ్లు పెట్టిందంతా తిని అవస్థపడేకంటే ప్రియమైన భార్యామణికి నలభీమ పాకాన్ని రుచిచూపించి, ఓ రోజంతా పూర్తిగా విశ్రాంతి ఇచ్చేసి.. ఆవార.. కావాల్సిన చోట కావాల్సినంత పిండుకోవడానికి, జుర్రుకోవడానికి తెగ ఉత్సాహం చూపించేస్తున్నారన్న విషయం తాజా అధ్యయనాల్లో తేలింది.  

టీవీ చూస్తే చచ్చిపోతారా?

గంటసేపు టీవీ చూస్తే మీ ఆయుర్దాయంలో 22 నిమిషాలు తగ్గిపోతాయట. అదే పనిగా టీవీముందే రోజులతరబడి కూర్చునేవాళ్లకు రిస్క్ మరీ ఎక్కువట. ఓ వ్యక్తి టీవీ చూడ్డంవల్ల తన జీవితకాలంలో 4 నుంచి 8 సంవత్సరాలు కోల్పోతాడని లేటెస్ట్ రీసెర్చ్ సర్వేలు చెబుతున్నాయ్. రోజూ కనీసం ఆరు గంటలపాటు టీవీ చూసేవాళ్లని ఎన్నుకుని ఆస్ట్రేలియా శాస్త్రవేత్తలు జరిపిన పరీక్షల్లో విస్మయం కలిగించే ఈ విషయాలు వెల్లడయ్యాయ్.   స్తబ్దుగా ఉండడం, ఒకేచోట ఎక్కువసేపు కూర్కుని ఉండడం ఆరోగ్యానికి ఏమాత్రం మంచిది కాదని పరీక్షల ఫలితాల్లో తేలింది. పొగతాగేవాళ్లకి, ఊబకాయం ఉన్న వాళ్లకి ఉన్న రిస్క్ తో పోలిస్తే జీవితకాలం తగ్గిపోయే విషయంలో టీవీ చూసేవాళ్లకే రిస్క్ చాలా ఎక్కువగా ఉందని తాజా పరిశోధనలు చెబుతున్నాయ్.