Why should we Wake up Early??


Rising early has always been an issue for many people, especially the working sector. Not many people like to spring out of bed before 7 or 7:30am, because many struggle to get enough sleep, we keep snoozing for that 10minutes of extra sleep. The early morning has gold in its mouth," said Benjamin Franklin. So rising before or along with sun has many perks.

If we wake up early we have time very many things; like enjoying the sunrise with a hot sip and heartening talks with your loved ones, this with re-establish faith in you. Rising early gives time to do spend time with your inner-self, thinking about yourself, in organizing your stuff. Researchers found that night folks tend to be more creative, but the early birds usually have advanced problem-solving skills. People who wake up early and sweat out in early hours, tend to carry the same energy through day and speeds up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day, resist junk-food cravings, and reach for healthier options, these people have lower BMIs than their counterparts. 

Since waking up early gives you time to eat healthy breakfast and allows you the time to do your work peacefully as not many people are awake at these hours, so you stress less, worry less, eat less and sleep more. Rising early establishes the circadian rhythm close to that of earth’s, this deepens sleep, so you rise to a fresh and energized self. Experts say people who rise during the early hours reach their peak productivity by 9:00am which is very convenient for the professionals, while the night owls reach their peak at 9:00pm which often goes vain!

It is not easy being a rooster from a night owl, but it is neither impossible. The transition has to be made slowly and gradually; before taking up this task make sure to disable the snooze button of your alarm clocks. We can start by waking 15minutes early for a week or a fortnight, and then increase it by another 15minutes and soon.

-Koya Satyasri


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