Career predictions for the new year!

Publish Date:Apr 7, 2016


You would be concentrating on the advancement of your goals, especially where your professional life is concerned. Aries, keep your head down and focus, and new and outstanding projects alike will be brought to completion with relative ease.You will stand out above the crowd in your office for sure. If you have been working on a big project, you will come to completion around this time.What you will find even more encouraging, is that your friends and loved ones will support you as you gain momentum at work. This will allow you to take your career further without jeopardizing your relationships, but this is no excuse to neglect those who you love. Make sure to balance your time.


Your innovation in the workplace will not go unrecognized this year, and you can expect professional growth no matter what area you work in, as long as you work hard to show the people who matter what you are really made of.You may see conflict with friends and family who you previously felt support from, or you may find that plans at work just do not seem to pay off – despite careful planning.Challenges are all part of your character building. If things happened too easily for you, you just might not appreciate them.


Professional obstacles can come around again in August.Your confidence may be at a low too with the presence of the Sun in Capricorn. You will have to use your exceptional imagination and adaptive skills to find your way around this mental mess, or just take some time to relax. However, some of these obstacles can be a blessing in disguise, and you may find that problems eventually give way to promotions or pay increases.


If you are unemployed this might mean finding a job, or if you already working for a certain company you may start to settle into a new role, or find that aspects that you struggle with seem to click into place.You may also decide to start a new business at the time, and if you do you will find that your hard work starts to pay off, and you can do more of what you love for a living.Overall an outstanding year for your career. You will earn more and spend more.Work related travel will run smoothly. Promotions and wage increases are likely, and for anyone starting a new business this year promises to be exciting!


It may be the case that you have to overcome adversaries in the workplace in order to really get where you are going. It could be a jealous colleague, or a superior that has it in for you, but whatever it is you will need to be tactful to navigate the may feel moody, and like work is taking over your life. You should be very careful not to take your anger out on others at this time, especially not loved ones and family members, or you could cause serious related travel might be on the cards, and if you choose to take short trips away with work you will probably find them to be a rewarding break from the norm.


Virgo who are involved in their own business ventures or investments can enjoy exceptional prosperity from all directions this year.Exciting times in your work life Virgo! You will impress both your seniors and your colleagues, and will be well recognized as an extremely valuable asset. First you will have to prove yourself, then you will enjoy the affection of others in the office, and then you will have to be diplomatic and communicative in order to earn your stability. You will get there in the end you can be sure!


Hard work will prevail. You will be very much enjoying the company of good friends at the start of the year, and you will have the balance really well set, you will be happy to have less going on at work. There could be tensions in other areas of your life that can affect your business or work. The trick is not to make any major decisions at this time. It's all steady away really. You could make the presentation of a lifetime, secure a new deal, or impress your seniors.


If you have been seeking to go into a new venture then you may find the funds you need to carry out your plan. You may also start feeling indecisive about the venture and your finances could dip.Just make sure you have thought it through enough to know that it will work, because there might be a bump along the way. Rise to the challenge this year Scorpio, and you will receive the recognition that you deserve. Sometimes you just have to prove yourself first, and this can mean taking the odd risk.


It will be hard work that sees you advance this year, along with composure in the face of any conflicts. Keep your cool and keep your head down, and you can expect to move forward in business or work. You may be focused on your social life as well as spending a lot of time with your family, but that doesn't mean you won't be putting in the hard work that is needed for you to get along in life. You might feel that you are not really getting much back for your extra efforts, but if you keep working hard this will soon change. You should be very diplomatic at this time, and sometimes it is better to say nothing at all. Even an innocent suggestion could be taken badly.


You will start the year with a professional energy that is hard to beat. You may already be living the dream in your personal life, but work will pay off too. This is an especially prosperous time for those who work in fashion or interior design.If you keep your efforts up and hit targets, you could find a promotion. All of that hard work is most likely to pay off with an increase in wages, and maybe a new role or responsibility. In any case your new found leadership skills will come in handy. If you have confidence, then you can move up the ladder quite quickly. Anyone taking a professional course will also find success.


Your work life might not always be exhilarating, but by the end of the year you will find your efforts are rewarded, and one way or another you will come to be happy in your career. You will have a great spell of new found enthusiasm for your work, and you may find variety and new opportunities within your existing vocation that make it much easier for you to put in the hours. Business will boom, and whether or not you are in a new job you are sure to shine. Your seniors will appreciate everything that you do for the company, and are very likely to offer you a pay rise or promotion.


This is a great year for your professional development, and you will see many opportunities to grow your business, take on more work, or rise to a more financially comfortable place because of your job. You may switch your job, this could sway towards a role that is more active in society – have a think about your current situation, and see whether a change would make you happier. In any case, professional development is likely, if you focus more energy on it. This year is great time for those who work for themselves, or have a business. Expansion is likely, or you will be able to put your prices up according to demand or increased quality of product.

- Divya


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