Best Gifts for New Moms

Publish Date:May 8, 2016


Professional Photo Shoot


Photographs of a newborn baby become lifelong treasured family mementos. Most photographers like to do newborn photos before the baby is two weeks old, so give this gift early and consult the mom-to-be on scheduling.


Grocery Shopping

Shopping and a fussy newborn can be a frustrating combination for a new mom. Treat her by doing her grocery shopping and maybe even picking up the tab.



The gift of your time to a new mom is priceless. If you are good friends, offer to give her some time to herself while you care for her newborn. Encourage her to use this time to take a shower, get a pedicure or run a few errands.


The day you were born box:


It’s a really neat keepsake to have a collection of what was going on the day your baby was born. New parents are often kinda busy on that day, so if you pick up newspaper clippings, photos, notes, etc. and leave some places where mom and dad can pop all the odd keepsakes that come along, you'll be saving them a ton of leg work.

Baby Carrier


A baby carrier will let new parents get some hands-free time. These carriers are built to keep babies snug and help parents get a few things done without constantly having to hold their baby.


A Photo Book Gift Card


New moms take hundreds of photos of their bundle of joy, so give the new mama the opportunity to put all these fabulous photos together. A photo book will become a treasured keepsake. 

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