Diabetes – A Disastrous Disease

Publish Date:Nov 12, 2013


‘You are diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus!’ This is one of the commonest sentences said by many of the physicians; blame it on our lifestyle or on our genes! The fact is we all are susceptible to this alarming metabolic disorder!
Diabetes is broadly defined as the rise in blood sugar levels, either because the improper functioning of pancreas or improper response to the insulin produced. The vital symptoms include: polyuria (excessive urination), polydipsia (excess urge to drink water) and polyphagia (craving for food).

There are three main types of Diabetes Mellitus (DM):

1. Type 1 DM, it also known as insulin dependant diabetes wherein the pancreas fails to produce insulin or insufficient insulin is produced, so insulin is artificially pumped in to body. It is determined genetically or by some antigens. It most likely runs in families!

2. Type 2 DM: It is situation where insulin is produce by pancreas is adequate amount but the body cells are unable to utilize it, due to their resistance to insulin. Thus, it is called insulin-independent Diabetes Mellitus. It is mainly due to haphazard lifestyles which contribute to obesity, stress etc.., moreover genes also play a key role.

3. Gestational DM: Mainly seen in pregnant ladies. It is combination of both type 1 and type 2. Fortunately it is totally curable and subsides after delivery. If untreated it may proceed to Type 2 DM!

Diabetes Mellitus has been regarded as one of the dreaded disease of the century, as it has much other side–effects besides restricting you on diet and workouts!!

As it runs in families if not for you at least care for your kids and try hard to keep it away from your families!

Take Care!!
Stay Healthy!!

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