Its Healthy To Fast


Almost every religion in the world recommends fasting. In the Hindu religion fasting is a means of controlling your temptations and spending time in remembering God. Other religions state similar objectives, when they recommend fasting. This is the religious significance. But, does fasting have health benefits too? Read on to find out.

Short fasts as they are called, have a lot of benefits than you can imagine. Lasting for 20 - 36 hours, these fasts can reduce risks of heart diseases, diabetes and even some cancers. However, fasting is not for all the people. If you are on medication, you must consult your doctor before you decide to starve yourself.

Short fasts are known to improve your body’s sensitivity. How is that a good thing? When your body’s sensitivity to things like insulin increases, it becomes easier for your body to maintain blood sugar levels after a meal. If all the above benefits of fasting have failed to impress you, let me tell you something that will surely motivate you to fast.

Fasting contributes to weight loss. Yes, its true. Fasting does help you get rid of excess fat. It is a belief that when people break their fast, they tend to eat more than usual and therefore there is no weight loss. Research rejects this belief and proves that, no matter how much eat in the post fast period, you can’t make up for the burnt calories. Fasting is also known to delay aging. Staying young is not difficult anymore.

So now we know that fasting is not only a religious observation but, an exercise to make your body healthy.

Kruti Beesam

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