The Beauty-holics

Publish Date:Sep 2, 2015

The World has seen so many Beauty Pageants and Beauty Queens...thousands of cosmetic brands and stores springing up by the year the years progress, people who are crazy about Beauty are multiplying too. In every College, every Work group, every family, there is atleast one who is so mad about maintaining the Beauty...following trends, changing makeup, dressing up well. They seem odd if overdone, but life is interesting for someone who wants to stay beautiful, sametime, it is the mortal truth that is hard for these people to swallow...

For some who are beauty conscious, aging is so hard to face, but for some it is an ongoing maintenance of beauty, no matter the age. Some become demotivated right when they see a decline of their beauty fame , for some it is even more rewarding when they look younger and are titled 'Santoor Mom' at 50yrs of age too. Life is different for everyone and everyone is different. Staying beautiful and maintaining physical beauty is a good habit yet how we do it is important...believing in Holistic Beauty, without the use of harmful beauty and makeup products is better. These days, the safest of the beauty products come in Lipsticks, Foundation, Mascara too. Holistic doesnot mean Boring, anymore. For some, beauty in old age is a boon, for some it should be a challenge, not to be felt as a curse. Yet, i adore people and elders who dont bother too much about physical beauty as they age and accept old age, happily.


Every youngster should be taught by oarents and Teachers that too much use of Beauty products maynot cause side effects right away but they show up, in the future. They should be taught that Actual Beauty is the Inner beauty, not only the physical beauty. Also, some parents strictly restrict their children from using cosmetics,...when the world follows a norm, your child maynot understand, hence, teaching to limit the use is easier than stopping completely, which might backfire. Make sure your child doesnot become a Beauty-Holic !!

-Prathyusha Talluri

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