Are Men Unemotional??

Are men from Mars and Women from Venus ??.Why do they think and behave exactly the opposite way on emotions basis?? It is a classic complaint we always hear, that men accuse women of being too emotional and women accuse men of not being emotional enough. They both think that why cant this be the other way round?? Or why cant they behave a bit different?? But the basic issue lies with the brain circuitry system. The emotional processing is different in men and women. Until recently, the chasm between how men and women feel and express emotions was thought to be due to upbringing .Of course, parental upbringing dose make a difference in thought process but still we should also know that the emotional processing in the male and female brain will not be the same genetically.

Research suggests that our brains have two emotional systems that work simultaneously: system or MNS (which allows us to emotionally empathize with people); and the parietal junction system or TPJ (which fires the brain's analyze-and-fix-it circuits to look for solutions to emotional problems - cognitive empathy). Males use the latter far more. This prevents their thought processes from being clouded by emotions, strengthening their ability to find practical solutions, but this obviously make them appear to be uncaring and un emotional.

Male or female, when we see an emotion on someone else's face, our MNS (emotional empathy system) activates. But, for reasons scientists don't understand, the female brain stays in the sympathetic MNS longer, while the male brain, not built to wallow in anguish, switches to the practical mode. His way of showing that he cares is to try to solve your problems. 

So when you see men not reacting to your emotional outburst don’t get worked up, or go bananas, just keep reminding yourself that they are men and they want results soon. 

- Pushpa Bhaskar

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