Zumba for your butts


The latest Latin American high intense dance exercises has taken the world by storm. Known for its quirky moves which are high intense and extremely fast they make you sweat and burn your calories and help in weight loss. This unique dance form is also extremely helpful for those who have tough time trying to cut the rear end of the body what we mean is the butt!

The Latin-dance-inspired cardio dance is so full of shaking moves where your hips lead in almost every step as you salsa and dance to the contagious beats. Sixty minutes of dancing to the upbeat music is bound to make you feel happy anyway, but the bonus is what it does to your rear end; it's central to almost every dance move and having a little extra flesh back there means you have a little more weight to throw around and burn.

So get yourself a DIY Zumba fitness CD or join a Zumba class near your place and  fill your IPods full of Latino Shakira and Lopez tunes and work your butt away!