Exercise during those Periods



There has been a never ending debate about whether you can exercise when you have periods. The traditional belief which is also endorsed by Ayurvedic physicians and old school of medicine which say that a woman must rest during menstrual flow is slowly changing. Yoga is banned during those 3-5 days  but fitness and weight loss which are the buzz words in the health scenario has seen a change where women are seen exercising during periods and  with the Sanitary napkin ads nowadays are also showing that you can exercise and not feel uncomfortable during “those” days.

So we know that it is not impossible to exercise but if you have those usual cramps and pain in the stomach we suggest that you take rest till the phase of discomfort is over. Alisa Vitti, the author of WomanCode, and an expert on says that women need to be sensitive to the neuro-hormonal changes happening in their bodies while planning their exercise regimens.

Follicular stage : Right after your period ends, in the follicular stage (7 to 10 days), you'll have fairly high energy levels. Vitti suggests you try a new cardio routine. "You have more new neural pathways being created during this phase, and they're more easily connected, so you're more likely to stick to a new exercise plan."

Ovulatory  stage :
In the ovulatory phase (3 to 4 days), right after the follicular stage, you'll be at full energy levels, and can go for an even more intense work out. "This is where we have a sharp rise in hormones, including a dramatic increase in estrogen and a nice surge of testosterone," explains Vitti. So a boot camp wouldn't be out of the question.

Luetal stage: In the luetal phase, which lasts for 10 or 12 days, you'll start to slow down a bit. "Your energy may still be high if you're healthy," Vitti says. But as estrogen and progesterone decline, you'll slow down. That's when, suggests Vitti suggests strength training .When you reach the menstrual part of your period, you'll want to take it easy, and stick to low intensity workouts like walking or yoga. Trust us, your uterus will thank you.