7 Ways to be Better Work From Home Moms!



It seems to be a blessing in disguise to have the opportunity to work from home for a woman. As, it saves time, in travelling, in getting ready for work and also the fatigue related to it. But the downside to it is there might be a lot of distraction associated with working from home and also the fact that you might sometimes not feel the drive to work with surroundings so eased out, compared to staying up at office to work as you get to see people working along with you. So we thought we could get you some brilliant ways to work better from home andkeep the productivity levels high.


Keep Your Workspace and Personal Space Separate: Blending your workspace with your personal space is not a good way to stay productive. Sure, the idea of watching TV while working is great if you have some downtime but it actually decreases your productivity tremendously. And, when these two worlds start to blend into one it can be difficult to allocate time to one or the other.


Stay away from Distractions: No one can ever completely eliminate distractions either in an office or at home. But you can reduce them by knowing what distracts you and taking action to avoid it. In an office, it might be getting pulled into unnecessary meetings or chatty co-workers things not necessarily in our control. At home, you may have  more control over distractions family members or tasks around the house.


Mark out your working space:  Let your physical space help you boost your productivity. If you need to avoid distractions and multitask appropriately, then be sure you home office helps you with that by reducing temptations. A space with a door that can be closed signals to others when you do not wish to be disturbed. Figuring out your priorities, weaknesses and strengths is the key to creating a space that works for you.


Make a schedule and follow it without fail:  Leaving the office is often a clear a signal that your work day has ended. When you work at home, the signal isn't always quite as clear. When home and work are in the same place, it is especially important to manage your time well by setting your specific work hours. Perhaps you can set an ongoing regular schedule, or maybe you need to take a look at the calendar each week and determine when you will work.

Invest in comfortable ergonomic Furniture:  You might get up a few times for a break, but you may find yourself sitting down at your desk for hours on end once you get into a groove. That’s why it’s important to invest in ergonomic furniture for your office. You can’t afford to have your productivity and health hindered by a poor workspace.


Answer phone calls and e-mails in batches:  There are few things more distracting than answering your phone in the middle of the project. After hanging up, your concentration is shot and you have to start all over again. To combat this, its recommended that you take the calls when you are ready to return them all in one session. The same goes for e-mail.


Let people around, including your children know your work schedule:  Set some ground rules for both yourself  and for everyone else in the household. Children especially need clear boundaries for behavior while you are working. However, your spouse or other adults in your life may need them as well. This might include your co-workers who may believe that because you work at home you are available 24/7.