If you are a person who doesnot like throwing things away, then why dont you try this too !! i tried making one really interesting CONVERSATION piece, it can be used to decorate any space. Everytime i had guests, they all asked me where i bought it? Infact, i was so encouraged to make one more. A new kind of Mural...reusing-recycling starts from your own kitchen.


All we need are:

One Wooden Chopping board--tired and ready to be thrown away! White Wall Putty--in USA, its called the ALL PURPOSE JOINT COMPOUND, this should be white only, putty's are usually sold in white White Paint Spray- or an ordinary white Paint Color-- you can use any color you want, i chose the one form RUSTOLEUM--Bold colors look great! If you are using Paint Can, then we need a wide brush too A measuring scale, or a Fork. That's it!!

How we make a mural is:

Take a used-or if you don't mind, even a new wooden chopping board Clean it..i usually cant wait, but because its a vegetable chopping board, if we clean we can avoid food decay and spots after we paint the surface Now, when the board is pretty dry, start applying the putty all over the surface. One side is enough! After you feel you have applied atleast 3 layers of the putty (similar to applying 3 coats of nail polish) ;0 start making any design you like on the wet putty, you can use a fork, or a measuring scale Once you feel you have made a satisfactory design on the surface, let it dry 100%...the colour of the putty is now pure white, when it is wet it was in a cementish shade..


Now your board needs a seal...otherwise everytime you want to hold it, decorate it, the putty starts to peel off..so a seal is very important to save your effort... Carefully, place 2 layers of big plastic shopping covers, or any plastic sheet beneath layers of newspaper, and start spraying any 3 sides first, use enough paint, else the color will be light and thick, unevenly.... if you are painting the board, better you gloves, put it on a colorless shopping bag to dry, to avoid sticky papers. Once the 3 sides are dry, spray the other untouched side.....when its all dry----your ART PIECE is ready to be PROUDLY displayed.


I made one, just in case, you need an Idea!!! try it, you are just playing with a chopping board, not a Knife!