New Look in your Same Everyday Living Room:

Have you ever tried changing the look of your same old living room, i try that every 2 weeks, i can't keep seeing the same looks hanging there for long.

You dont have to spend much. you just need.

2 sets of pillow covers,

curtains if any,

you can change the decorative items on the walls and side tables, other display pieces from one room to the other in your house.

With 2 simple changes, you can change the theme of your living room, One, Change the pillow covers into a single color, it can be shades of red, maroon..and follow the same color or shade in choosing curtains too. if you dont have curtains, then make sure you dont have too many equal number of other articles of a contrast color or any third color in the room.

If you have chosen blue this week, let the pillows, curtains, other decorative pieces be in the same blue color, you can play with the shades of blue, take your freedom here. but restrict your desire and choose 1-2 contrast color decorative pieces, like something in a bright red...or orange...

Contemporary Design Trends show that patterns can be mixed and matched, stripes, cheetah prints, zari work, polka dots can be played around with. i have some pictures for an idea!!! let me know if you did something similar, i will be the first person to encourage and say WOW.