Are your Wrists and Fingers Stretching?



Excercises for the hands:Just as the body needs its exercise our fingers and wrists which we subject to hard work and for some ladies incessant tapping on the key board, need their due care and our attention. As and when you find time do these simple exercises to keep at bay these work related disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and other ergonomically related   disorders.

Finger & Wrist Stretch

1: Starting with the right hand gently extend the fingers back one by one.

Step 2: Then take them all back at the same time. This helps to stretch open your palm. Repeat for 5 times.

Step 3: Take your thumb back towards your wrist. Then bring it forwards, stretching gently and firmly without forcing it.

Step 4:Finish by making a fist and slowly opening it, stretching your fingers and thumb out as far as you.

Step 5: Put your palms together, fingers pointing upwards, as if you were praying. Stretch your fingers and press palms together strongly. Keep the base of your palms pressing together, as you gradually lower your hands until your lower arms are horizontal.

Step 6: Then take your hands down still further, fingers and upper palms together. You should feel the stretch on the insides of your fingers and wrists. Hold for a few seconds  and repeat for 5 times.

These simple exercises loosen stiff fingers, hands and wrists and when done daily for a few weeks, help in making the wrist and fingers more flexible.