How NOT to put on Weight at Work

Lose weight while at work: The Catch 22 situation where you don’t have time to work out at home in the mornings before you head to work and you don’t have the time to exercise after you come back home late and there are more important things to do like cooking and kids homework projects to take care of. So how to make sure you stay healthy and not add those extra kgs, paunch and inches when you have 9-7 desk job?

Follow these simple tips to stay healthy and not pile up those extra kilos.

-> Avoid the vending machine coffees and teas. Opt for Green tea which helps you in staying alert and burn calories. Since your office doesn’t provide them get your own tea bags and keep them in your desk
->Drinking water: Keep a bottle half filled and once you are done drinking it, go to the water dispenser as an exercise. Also get your hot water to make the tea and not depend on the office assistants to get it for you.
->DO not take energy boosters and supplements and they can lead to other side effects
->DO not eat unhealthy snacks and processed food. Try keeping fruits, khakras, nuts, digestive biscuits or crackers and simple local snacks to munch in between so that you don’t put on weight.
->Have a light lunch and try including a salad before eating your regular lunch.
->Take a 15 minute brisk walk after lunch as this not only helps you in digesting food it also helps you in staying alert post lunch break session.

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