Summer Baby Care Tips

Summer can be a wonderful time for you and your baby. But it also means strong sun, heat, bugs and other thing that can be harmful for your infant. Here you'll find tips to make the summer a great time for you and you child.

As the impact of high temperature, children will lose appetite or become anorexia. Therefore, the diet should be soft, easy to digest, insipid and rich in nutrition. To eat more fresh vegetables, melon and fruit, fish, shrimp, lean meat and bean products etc.

And baby can also eat some porridge commonly which can clear heat and eliminating dampness, such as lotus seeds porridge and mung bean porridge etc.

If baby sweats a lot, he should be supplied with water and salt in time. It is not suitable to drink much cold water. Pay attention to the food hygiene, prevent baby getting ill by the mouth and the occurrence of intestine infection.

Baby's clothes should be loose-bodied and soft, so that it is convenient for activities, ventilated and cool; if high temperature weather, children can wear vests and shorts, the appropriate material choice of the clothes could be soft cotton, linen, silk and so on to facilitate sweat absorbing and heat eliminating; the colors of clothes should be light and cool oriented so as to reduce heat radiation.

The sunlight is strong in summertime and contains a large number of ultraviolet. Strong sunlight will burn baby's tender skin and if the head of baby expose under the strong sunlight directly, it will also cause heatstroke. Therefore, baby should stay at home and have a rest during midday.

It is not allowed to take baby out or even travel. If baby have to go out, they should wear a wide border straw-hat or take an umbrella to avoid the direct sunlight.

And you must prepare sufficient drinking water such as salt water, sugar water and so on. You may also bring some medicine for clearing away summer heat, such as Rendan, rheo-camphoradin, essential balm, ageratum liquid medicine and so on to prevent heatstroke.

Baby's living room should be ventilated and cool, quiet and clean. Room temperature should be maintained at 20-25 degrees and relative humidity should be 40%-60%. Ensuring adequate baby sleep, which should be no less than 9 to 10 hours a day.

Do not use electric fans when sleeping to prevent cold. Don’t allow baby to stay in air-conditioned room all day to prevent diseases caused by air-conditioning.

Take a warm water bath for baby in the evening and cover baby's belly with towel quilt to prevent cold and diarrhea. If baby sweat a lot, change and wash his wet clothes frequently to prevent heatstroke and heat rash.