Age Appropriate Fashion knowledge In kids


Following fashion trends for kids is fun! Shopping for girls is especially interesting...however, too much is too bad. Incorporating too much fashion consciousness into girls or even boys right when they are in middle school is not good business....Parents are complaining these days that girls in elementary school, these days, are talking about fashion and dressing up...leaving hair open and not listening to parents when it comes to dressing appropriately and decently.Where is the innocence gone??

How to install that right kind of dressing sense without the odd fashionista kinda feeling is the key!! Moms might struggle but if managed well, your girls will learn the right dressing culture. Applying makeup, nail polishes, lipsticks right when girls are toddlers might be fetching Mom appreciation and accolades for having a cute, beautiful girl but that lays the foundation already. Sametime, the harsh chemicals used in cosmetics these days are definitely not the ones we should be introducing to children...the later the better. With boys too, wearing shoes and accessories that are advertised just the previous day on TV, being rude and stubborn if parents dont buy them the stuff...

Building a sense of responsible shopping wrt., dressing and staying as natural as possible when it comes to make up helps raise a happy amd healthy may feel these things dont have to be taken seriously but trust me, they all add up to a good foundation - An age appropriate fashion conscious child!

- Prathusha Talluri