How to wear Saree Indian Style ?

wear Saree Indian Style, Wearing Saree, Indian Saree Wearing, Indian Saree: Every women doesn’t look good in Saree as many women with different shapes and size need the designs which looks good on them. Blouse and Petticoat are the inner clothing before wearing a saree.

* Take the Upper end of the saree with one hand around your waist till feet on your back-side to leave the free pallu side on other end

* Tuck the top border of inner of the Saree in to the petticoat in such a way so that the Saree may fall up to the floor level.

* Drape the Saree around the front keeping it on same height.

* Tuck the little top edge of the Saree into the petticoat keeping on same height.

* Make the fold of few straight plates from the right side and tuck it into the petticoat so that the bottom edge of the Saree should touch the floor level.

* Bring around the other end of the Saree in your both hand and keep pallu put on left side shoulder allowing the pallu fall on your back.