Exercise can prevent Cancer too

Working out has many benefits which not just include weight loss and fitness levels. The undermining truth is that we actually need regular, if not daily, exercise to live our best lives. But it’s not all too easy to  get into the fitness routine especially when we lead a hectic lifestyle when it comes to rushing from home to work and a maintain a sedentary lifestyle, especially when it comes to your office and sitting for hours in front of the computer or workstation. The justifications we do is that we get up early in the morning and we are in tearing rush to get the kids ready, pack theirs and your lunch boxes, get to work. The next 7 to 8 hours are spent using only your brain and not your physical body which is sitting in that blessed chair. So then what happens to your body if this is the kind of lifestyle you lead?

Statistics from The World Cancer Research Fund show that an active lifestyle is crucial in reducing the risk of certain cancers, particularly uterine, breast, and bowel. The study suggests that women diagnosed with these types of cancer in 2012, 12 percent of bowel and breast cancers and one in 10 cases of uterine cancers could have been prevented if the women had been regular exercisers.

We are not just talking about fitness and weight loss but prevention of certain types of cancers when it comes to exercising. So take those baby steps to kick start your exercise sessions, start with a half an hour walk, join your local gym or your friends Yoga group or make use of your office gym and stay fit and healthy…