Bedtime Routines for Babies

Bedtime Routine Baby, Bedtime Routine Babies, Baby Sleep Bedtime Routines: A routine will also make your work easier, but for that you need to keep repeating the same routine everyday till the time your baby gets used to it and no more require your help. 

The sooner the better, start moulding your baby’s day into a routine from when they are 6-8 weeks old, so that they get used to it and follow it as they grow up.

* Send Them To Bed Clean Getting ready for bed routine can also include washing your baby’s face, wiping or brushing gums and teeth, changing his/her diaper other things like that. Send him/her to bed clean, so that he/she feels fresh and ready to doze off. It is important to develop the habit of brushing before going to bed at a young age, so that they get used to it as they grow up.

* Give Them A Soak One of the most popular methods to get your baby follow a bedtime routine is by giving him/her a warm bath. Having a bath just before going to bed is quite soothing and relaxing. Make your baby sit in warm water and clean them up. This will ease them up and make it easy for them to get a good sleep. Bath is also a good way to spend some special time with your baby. If your baby doesn’t like having a bath, dont force it upon him/her.

* Don’t Get Upset It may so happen that you try all the tactics to put your baby into a sleeping routine and they may not get used to it. Do not get boggled or impatient if something like this happens, as it is quite common and the kids take their own sweet time to fit into a routine.

* Feed Them Another way of getting your baby into a full sleep routine is by sending him/her to bed with full stomach. Feed them just before sleeping. This will help them sleep properly and will let others in the house to sleep peacefully as well.

* Let The Energy Drown It is better to allow babies to exhaust any pent-up energy out before going to sleep. So feel free to dance with them, play with them and let them bounce in a bouncer. All these activities will help your baby get exhausted completely, which will put him/her to a sound sleep easily.

* Chat With Them You can even chat with your kids before sending them to bed. It is the best time also for the parents and kids to bond along well. Just speak to them about the entire day. No need to wait till your child is big enough to speak; you can chat with infants as well.

* Sing A Song You can even sing a song for your baby. It can be any song and not just a lullaby. A slow soothing melody from you can put things on track. It can relax your baby and put them in a calm state. It can also be a signal for them that it’s time to sleep.

* Play Some Music A soft slow music can ease the transition of your baby from a tiring day to a good night sleep. Play soft music or any other machine making soft noises that may soothe your baby.

* Play With Them Playing a quiet game with your baby in the room is a good way to spend some quality time with your baby. You can play any game that your baby enjoys, but not the one that gets them too excited. Playing a game will extract the left over energy in them and will give them a sound sleep.

* Say Goodnight Moon Many babies like roaming about the entire house and wishing goodnight to all the members and their favorite toys and belongingness. It can be added on to the normal routine as a daily ritual, if your baby is pleased at the end of it and goes to bed with a smile.

* Read A Bedtime Story Another common and all time ritual is to read your kids a bedtime story. This will not only put them to sleep but will also help them to recognize and relate with words. It is an educative way to put your baby to a sleeping routine.