Tips for Bathing Babies



Tips Bathing Babies, Safety Tips Bathing Babies, Bathing Baby Safely: Children who start crawling and walking need daily baths and more frequent washings because they can easily mess themselves up. Here are some tips for bathing babies while both you and your baby have fun.

* Bathe the baby in a room, which is warm and draft-free.

* Keep a basin of water nearby and a thick towel on which you can place the baby immediately after you have bathed her.

* While giving sponge bath to the baby, if your baby cries too much on being undressed, you may wash one body part at a time and

* keep some part of her body covered at all times.

* Always test the temperature of the water on your wrist. It should neither be too hot nor too cold.

* Slowly, ease your infant into the water in a good baby bathtub or the kitchen sink.

* If you feel that your hands get too slippery on the skin once you have scrubbed her with the soap, then you may try wearing a pair of old cotton gloves.

* Put a towel on the bottom of the sink or tub to prevent the baby from slipping.

* Use mild soaps only for baby’s tender skin and wash the body gently. * Do not use soap on baby’s face as it can hurt her eyes.

* If your baby doesn’t like being alone in the water, you can climb into the bathtub with the baby and bathe with her. It gives you great skin-to-skin contact time. If your baby is breastfeeding, you baby may even want to nurse in the tub.

* Bath toys such as classic rubber ducks can attract older children bathtubs.

* If your child is afraid of bathtubs, you may try taking shower with your baby.