The Secrets of Hair Care!

  The Secrets of Hair Care!   Having beautiful hair is not a dream anymore! And the best part is, you can have it at the comfort of your home. Just follow some simple trick at home and flaunt your flawless hair. Your diet plays a very important role in helping you achieve, think and long hair. If you simply want to move from normal to extraordinary hair, include proteins like fish, chicken, dals and sprouts. If dry hair has always been a problem, you need raw vegetables, pulses, brown rice, bananas, nuts and vitamin E capsules. Finally, if your hair is very oily, green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh fruits and yogurt can help you. Apart from food, you must also take care of the shampoo you use for your hair. This must also be chosen in accordance with the problem your with your hair. For dry hair, use a shampoo with a moisture base. This will retain the gloss of your hair while cleansing it. For oily hair on the other hand, find something that targets your scalp. Stay as far as possible from cosmetic conditioners. They do more damage than benefit to your hair. Instead, try something natural like an egg. The yolk of an egg moisturizes your hair, while the egg white can remove the unwanted oils from it. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water after applying this. Like all the problems mentioned above, cleansing your itchy scalp is also very easy. All you need is some lemon juice and olive oil. Apply this mixture and keep it on for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly and enjoy the results. Beautiful hair can now be had at home. - Kruti Beesam

Enhance Your Beauty This Monsoon

Enhance Your Beauty This Monsoon ! Monsoon is here girls! As much as you may love the rain, I’m sure your skin feels troubled, in this humid weather. There is not one, but multiple solutions to this problem, in the form of a verity of face packs. Pamper your skin with these and retain your glow even in the monsoon season. Let us first start with the sandalwood pack. This will help you get rid of dark skin and scars, this monsoon. One table spoon of sandalwood powder, 1/4th cup of rose water and half a tea spoon of turmeric can work like magic on your skin. 30 minutes of this pack spread evenly on your skin, can easily lighten your skin and wipe out your scars. If you thought oatmeal can only make you healthy, you are mistaken. When 3 tea spoons of oatmeal, are combined with 1 egg white, 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp curd, it can cleanse your skin thoroughly. For clean skin, apply this mixture after cleaning your face. Keep it on until the paste dries up and wash it off with cold water. There can’t be a better cleansing process for your face. Your skin definitely needs some strawberry therapy, in the monsoon season. To give this much needed nourishment, you need 4-6 mashed strawberries, 1 tsp brandy, 2 tsp breadcrumbs, 2 tsp fuller’s earth and some Rose water. Make a fine paste of these ingredients, apply it on your face and keep it on for 20 minutes. When you wash it off, you will the how it enhanced your beauty. Follow these simple tips and enjoy monsoon with beautiful skin. - Kruti Beesam

Look Feminine With The Right Make Up

Look Feminine With The Right Make Up There is nothing much you need to do for a natural feminine look. Just follow some simple steps and give yourself a delicate feminine look. To start with, the color of your foundation plays a major role, in this kind of make up. It is important for you to choose that shade of foundation that closely matches with your natural skin color. Do a patch test on your wrist to identify the right shade. This will give your face a warm, velvety tone. If you want a creamy look, add serum to your foundation. This will give a little moisture to your skin and keep it hydrated. A feminine look is incomplete without some blush! For the perfect blush choose either pink or peach colors. A blush is to be applied on specific areas of your face, to make you look your best. Ideally, blush is applied on the temples and cheekbones. Make sure you apply the right amount and you will look prettier than ever. Applying blush in the areas around your eyes is also a good idea. This will give an even tone to the skin on your face. Try and cover up the blemishes on the sides of your nose, around your eyes and anywhere else you may need to. This will pull out the dullness from your face and make you look brighter. Don’t forget to apply mascara to your eyelashes! This will make them look longer, while adding to your captivating beauty. Finish the look with a pale gloss on your lips, that will enhance your pout. Try these tips and show the world a prettier you! - Kruti Beesam

Some Tips For A Prettier You !

Some Tips For A Prettier You ! Every woman wants to look pretty before stepping out of the house. Looks like this is not very difficult anymore! All you need to do is follow some simple tips to show the world a beautiful you. Lets start with the simplest trick first. If you are going to a party and you cant wait for your colored nails to dry, don’t panic! Simply put your hands in ice-cold water and you will see quick results. If you are messy in applying nail polish, there’s a trick you can use to avoid that. Applying alive oil around your nails can help you remove the excess with ease. Let us now see how to make your face perfect. If you want to hide the flaws on your face, make sure the concealer remains on the surface of your skin. If it is absorbed it will end up enhancing your flaws. If you have applied foundation on your face much before stepping out, you don’t need to re do it again. Simply, apply a few drops of face oil to refresh it. Ensuring least wastage of your eye or lip pencil is very easy if you remember to do one simple thing. Place these pencils in the refrigerator for a while before you sharpen them for use. If you want your lip color to stay on for a longer time, add some blush to it and enjoy long lasting lip color. Mixing eye shadow can also give you similar results. Removing make up at the end of the day, is easier if you add some coconut oil to your regular make up remover. This will break it up so it can slide down easily. Use these simple tips and stay beautiful forever! - Kruti Beesam

Beware of Stilettos, They Can Harm Your Feet

 Beware of Stilettos, They Can Harm Your Feet !   Most women love possessing a wide verity of shoes. Among this verity, the stilettos top the list. These women must know the the four inch stilettos cause great harm while adding to their height. Research has revealed that the pretty four inch stilettos you love, can increase the pressure on your front feet by 30%, if you wear them for too long. If you have the habit of wearing heals for more than 6 hours a day, you should start worrying. The prolonged use of heeled footwear is known to cause Achilles heel. There is a tendon by the same name which connects two major calf muscles to the back of the heel.  Wearing heals for too long can cause severe pain in the long run. To reduce the redness and cuts caused by the heeled footwear during dry season, soak your foot in essential oils. There is a simple exercise to relax your muscles after prolonged use of heeled shoes. Try to stand on your toes for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat this 3-4 times. This will stretch your leg muscles. If wearing high heels has caused cramps in your feet, you need to roll a ball under them to sooth the pain. Gently roll an anti stress ball under you foot for 10 minutes with least pressure. Repeat the same for the other foot too and see the difference for yourself. Apart from these exercises, wearing special gel insoles can also sooth your feet to a great extent. They prevent your toes from feeling tight, eliminating the cause of severe pain. Take care of your feet... - Kruti Beesam

Beauty Lies in Eyes

Beauty lies in eyes Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder is all we know; however, if you wanna look beautiful, the majic is only in your eyes. It doesn't matter if you have big eyes or small. How you decorate them is a point here. Kajal is the perfect cosmetis which makes your eyes look great. But for this, picking up your Kajal which is smudg free is the key. Here are few tips, help you to protect your blacky eyes from smudging. Remember, for any kind of make up clean up for your face is important; that too with a soap which will not make your face Too dry or too much oily. After washing your face, allow it to dry then only apply kajal or other make up. * If you swet a lot, then rub your face with an ice cube; this keeps your kajal intact. * Whenever you apply kajal, try to wipe your eyes & eye lids with a cotton cloth, then apply. This stays for long. * Using face powder is another technique to stop your kajal from smudging. Apply powder with the help a puff or cotton ball around your eyes. This will obsorb all the moisture and your eyes will look fresh and bright. * Try to apply light colour eye shadow, then kajal. This will elivate your eyes and look bright. this base, also protects your kajal from smudging. * Picking up a right kajal or eye pensil is very important. Make sure that your kajal is not too thick or not too thin as this might hurt your eye. Above all, being happy inside is the only secret to make your eyes look beautiful, glamorous and bright as they can't hide our feelings anymore. - Bhavana

No! Not cried

No! Not cried Neither you have cried last night, nor slept very late; Inspite of drinking several glasses of water, if puffiness is still be there around your eyes, then you have to "correct your eating habits" say experts. Puffy eyes are caused due to excess of salt retention in certain areas, specially under the eyes, which gives a swollen look to you face. Hormonal imbalance in body also causes certain symptoms because of high water retention. Sometimes, aging, cosmetic allergy are few more reasons for this problem. Also check, if this puffyness is occurring because of your eye make up. Having 7-8 hours sleep is must for every person. This habit rejuvenates you and also ensures to relax your face and under eye musicles. This can never ever be replaced with any other cream or lotion. Drinking sufficient water will flush out excess salts and wastes from your body results in keeping you healthy. If, you have puffy eyes often, here are few tips to give you quick relief: * Drink 8-10 glasses of water through out the day; avoid coffee, tea and drinks contained alcohol. * Take used tea bags, put them in to refrigerator and allow them to become chilled. Place those chilled tea bags on the eyes for 5-10min.Repeat this exercise for every two hours till the time you notice the improvement. * Take chopped potato slice or strawberry slice or cucumber slice and place them on the eyes.this immediately tightens the skin. Puffyness is taken out from the face. * Practicing face yoga can keep your eyes look healthy and beautiful. Try to have healthy eating habits and stressfree life style. this is the only mantra for being beautiful. - Bhavana

Give Your Hair Some Nutrition From Curry Leaves!!

Give Your Hair Some Nutrition From Curry Leaves!! Need help with hair care? You don’t need a specialist for that. All you need is a few curry leaves. The benefit they can do, is beyond imagination. So whether it is dealing with hair fall, dandruff or repairing damaged roots, curry leaves are the solution to all your problems. Let us start with understanding how hair fall can be tackled with curry leaves. You need to follow a simple procedure for this. Including curry leaves in you diet, can help you maintain the health of your hair. This is because, they contain beta-carotene that not only prevents hair fall, but also promotes hair growth. Simple, isn’t it? The antioxidants in the curry leaves, maintain moisture on your scalp, preventing dandruff. Now, for repairing damaged roots of your hair, you need to apply a fine paste of the curry leaves on your hair. Gently massage the paste on your scalp and you will see that curry leaves strengthen hair follicles and increase hair growth. If you are desperate for these results, then consuming curry leaves despite their bitter taste, should not be a problem for you. Curry leaves are also useful as a hair mask or a healthy tea to help you have beautiful hair. It is very easy to make a healthy cup of tea with curry leaves. After boiling curry leaves in water, add some lime juice and sugar to it. Drink it up for glossy hair that you always wanted. Now, everyone knows the secret to beautiful hair!  - Kruti Beesam

Fab feet

  Fab feet  comparing to other seasons, we need to invest extra time on our beauty needs in rainy season. This is due to Water pollution and infections in the air. Immunity system also goes slow in this season.. Specially, feet need extra care as muddy roads will do more harm to our feet in this season. We also can't ignore the fact that beautiful feet are indication of pretty and a healthy person. So, here are few easy foot care tips to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. If you have habit of visiting to beauty parlour on regular basis, including"pedicure services" in your list is must. Or else you can get this done at home. Try to keep you feet in warm water, everyday for 15 min; wipe with clean cloth then apply moisturizer or foot cream. If you can't follow this on daily basis, then take out time to clean your feet once in a week by trimming your nails or shaping them. Don't forget to remove your old nail polish with the nail polish remover before you proceed further. Then, put your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and give your feet a nice foot bath. Slowly, start scrubbing off the dead skin, clean the nails and remove the dirt formed inside and around nails. Next, apply cuticle cream and leave for 5 minutes. Finally wash your feet clean and moisturise them.   Once, you are through with cleaning, you may now decorate nails with nail polish or nail art as per your choice.Repeat this procedure once in a week to keep your feet intact. Say "no" to closed shoe in this rainy weather as they increase, bacterial and fungal infection. if your office attire demands for closed footware, then ensure that you clean your feet thoroughly and apply a moisturising cream before you switch over to homeware. - Bhavana  

Healthy Beauty with Baking Soda

  Healthy Beauty with Baking Soda   Baking Soda, aka Sodium Bicarbonate, is famously known to be useful in many household areas...body and beauty care are at the top. Baking Soda is one item which is useful in almost every room and every chore of the house, or business. We can use it for Skin care, Oral care, Hair care, cooking, Sanitizing the house, treating the Plants, Nail care etc... Baking Soda with Vinegar is a super cleaning agent for Bathrooms and Sinks...Baking Soda when mixed with water can be used to scrub heavy greased kitchen utensils. Mixed with a 1/4 Tsp of regular Body Wash, 2 Tsps of Baking Soda can be used as a Body Scrub. Some Dermatologists suggest a different Baking Soda scrub for Acne treatments too. It even moistens and bleaches the skin, and so one can use a thick mixture of water cand baking soda to lighten skin blemishes. It can be mixed with regular shampoo for a shiny and healthy hair. After a swimming session, it is recommended that children and adults wash their hair with diluted baking soda solution to get rid of chlorine. Baking Soda can be used for Teeth whitening and as a Mouth wash and for Nail whitening too after removing nail polishes. Just one small box of baking soda and you will not regret !! Gone are the days of keeping baking soda in some corner of the pantry and forgetting about it....these days, it is a smart replacement to the harmful toxins in cleaning supplies and beauty care products. Baking it on your grocery list this time?! - Prathyusha Talluri

Tackle Sun Tan Easily!

    Tackle Sun Tan Easily! The sun has always been the greatest enemy of women all over the world. This is because it produces such a change on our skin that is hard to get rid of. I’m talking about the ugly tan that we all try to avoid. But what if we cant avoid the tan? After all, the world doesn’t stop if we want it to. Even then there’s nothing worry about, because now, tan is not at all a big problem. You can get rid of tan in more than one way at home. Discover the simple and easy tan removal tips with me. Let us first try to make an anti tan face pack. For this you will need equal amounts of gram flour, lime juice and curd. A mixture of equal amounts turmeric and sandalwood powder can do the job for you. Keep this pack on for 25 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Let us learn how this natural scrub is made.Some sugar, essential oil, honey and lemon juice is what you need. Gently scrub your tanned skin with this mixture for desired results. The secret of this mixture is that hone and lemon juice does not allow the harshness of the scrubbing process get to your skin. Also the vitamin C in the lemon juice acts as a natural antiseptic. Did you know? Neutralizing skin darkening may sound like a complicated process because of its name but in reality, it is a very simple process.  I’ll tell you another secret that most of us probably never knew about. It is so simple that it may be hard for you to believe me right away. The application of things like coconut oil, aloe vera gel or curd directly on your skin can work in your favor. Another strange but useful way of avoiding tan is to stay away from foods like eggs and carrots. I called it strange because most of us are unaware than these carry skin tanning properties in them.It is said that these foods are taken in high quantities by those people in the west, who like to sport the tanned look. Apart from the above mentioned methods, some easy and obvious ways to avoid sun tan is to wear shades or a had or carry an umbrella when you step out to conquer the world! See? It is as simple as that.   Kruti Beesam

Long And Strong

Long And Strong   If you are aiming for a straight, soft and silky hair, using shampoos, conditioners and other hair serums will not be sufficient; taking proper diet can only help you to have a healthy hair.   Like you take food to give energy to your body, you Should also eat right to strengthen your hair. Here is the list:   Wholegrains, nuts and seads: Pumpkin seads , walnuts, almonds contain full of Omega 3 oils, vitamin E, zinc and selenium.   Eggs: Lack of zinc will lead to scaling, and hairfall. Taking eggs on regular basis can help you to keep your hair intact.   Milk: Along with high calcium content, milk is very rich in several vitamins and minerals. Adding milk twice to your meal is must to achieve a healthy hair.   Carrots and sweet potatoes: These are super vegetables which are rich in vitamin"A" content. Eating these veggies often can work as natural conditioners to your hair and also correct the itchy scalp.   Greens: Hair fall will go on increasing if you have iron deficiency. Therefore, taking green veggies like Broccoli, spinach regularly will help you to fight with the problem, since these greens are the major source for iron.   Fruits: It is compulsory to include fruit salads in your regular diet as fruits like blue berries, kiwi, orange, papaya and guava will help body to get the required "C" vitamin, which is also help to grow your hair long and strong.   Fish: As you all aware, fish contain lot of Omega 3 oils hence, taking sea food freequently will safe guard your hair from becoming dry and dead.   White meat: Protein content in your food is so very needed for a healthy hair. Ensure your protein intake is as per the body needs. _Bhavana

What Can a Lemon Do

What Can a Lemon Do? When you think of a lemon, the ideas of its usage may be limited in your mind. I’m going to change that forever. As you read further, you will realize how a lemon can be a woman’s best friend. So without wasting any more time, lets get started! If your skin needs a moisturizer, you needn’t go up to the store and spend your money on it. The thing you need, is waiting for you in your kitchen. A lemon can serve as a natural moisturizer. A mixture of lemon juice and coconut water can give you the skin you will fall in love with. Let me tell you how they individually act to enhance your skin health. While the coconut water hydrates your skin, lemon juice works on its brightness. If the dark skin at your elbows and knees has been bothering you, there is a very simple solution you missed out on. Simply rubbing half a lemon on the effected area will serve the purpose. This is because the lemon with its innate qualities, acts as a natural bleach. Going through painful treatments for removing blackheads? You don’t need to do that anymore! All you need, is a good squeeze of a sliced lemon on your face. Soon you will see the blackheads fading away, with least effort from your end. Don’t be so surprised! This is possible because of the antibacterial characteristic of the lemon. So forget the expensive parlor treatments forever! If you ever decide that your face needs deep cleansing don’t rush to the parlor. Be your own expert and use the lemon. A few drops of lemon juice with tea tree oil in 6 ounces of distilled water can cleans your skin like never before. If your teeth are yellow even after using the most expensive toothpaste, it is an indication that you should try something else. Before knocking on your dentist’s door, try something simple at home. Apply baking soda and lemon juice on your teeth with clean Q tip and get white teeth. So say goodbye to expensive teeth whitening treatment and smile bright. Did you know that the best solution for oily skin is a nice rub of a sliced lime? Yes its true! Massage your face with a sliced lemon everyday and observe the difference for yourself. Do you like highlights to your hair? But what about the harmful chemicals that can spoil your hair? Don’t worry! I have a natural and a harmless solution to that problem of yours. Apply lemon juice on your hair before you step out in the sun. You will see how magically your hair gets the color of your choice. Learn to think beyond lemonade when you think of a lemon. _Kruti Beesam

Aloe Vera For Flawless Beauty!

Aloe Vera For Flawless Beauty! Earlier aloe vera was used as a healing ingredient. It was discovered that aloe vera could heal a cut seven days earlier than any other form of treatment. Sometime later it was discovered that it can add to the beauty of all the women in the world. This changed the way the world viewed aloe vera. From being a wild plant which was of no use, it now become a plant of great value. So let us discover what aloe vera can do to make us look pretty! Since we are experiencing hot summer, lets see how aloe vera can help us get rid of the worst effect of sun – tan. To remove tan aloe vera needs the help of a few drops of lime juice. Mix them well and apply it on your face and neck. This mixture needs only 15 minutes on your skin to undo the effects of the sun. After this, remember to wash it off with lukewarm water. This will not only remove the tan but will also give you the glow you always longed for. If you are troubled with pigmentation of skin, you need a gentle massage with aloe vera gel and rose water, for about 15 – 20 minutes. With regular use, you will see dark spots and pimple marks gradually fading away, leaving only flawless and beautiful skin. For those with oily skin, a fine paste of aloe vera can work like magic. Its very simple. Make a fine paste of boiled aloe vera and apply for 20 minutes. You will see the changes with regular use, giving you freedom from oily skin forever. Aloe vera also has a permanent solution for dry skin. To quench the thirst of your skin, you will need, aloe vera gel, cottage cheese, dates and cucumber. Make a fine paste of this mixture and add a few drops of lime juice before applying it evenly on your face. Keep on for 30 minutes and observe the changes for yourself. Wondering how to make a natural scrub? Once again you will need aloe vera for this. Mix cucumber dices in aloe vera gel and make a fine paste of it. Before scrubbing your face with this mixture add some oatmeal to it. Scrub your face with this and get rid of dead skin in just five minutes. Aloe vera has a solution to all your skin problems.     Kruti Beesam

Nude is the new U…

Nude is the new U… “Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident”-written by my favourite makeup artist Bobby Brown, Pioneer in launching nude make up line, she believed in natural make up which not only highlight’s  a woman’s eternal beauty but gives her more confidence to be herself… Make up does not mean you have to wear bright lipstick, colourful eyes or more than required blush…Highlight one part of the face where you feel you are more confident to carry it off. If you are a no makeup person, who is willing to learn how to wear makeup Nudes are best way to start off with …as it gives you a natural look which gives  you more confidence and lets you be yourself.. Nudes are the best product to invest in. Firstly, It never looks over done!! Second, you can wear it anywhere you wish to: Parties, Work, and Daily wear….check out this new collection from Bobbi brown. From the pink sands of Bermuda to the black sands of Hawaii, the Sandy Nudes Collection evokes the warm hues of beaches around the world. With options for eyes, face, lips and nails–all designed to layer and blend effortlessly–it’s the epitome of easy summer beauty. Not necessarily, you have to invest in products which carry a high price tag, you can also pick up similar shades in departmental brands which give you good quality as well as lighter on your wallet. For lips you can go with Revlon Colorstay ultimate suede lipstick iconic nude, L’Oreal Paris Riche Nudes, beige crème…. For eyes you can opt for simple pink shades which are subtle and classy, if you would like to try nudes for eyes naked palette by Urban decay is the best! You can go ahead with shimmer gold or beige on the eye and smoke it out with any darker shades like black, grey or brown. Do not forget to highlight your eyes with kaajal and loads of mascara…. Keep it simple with the blush - some earthy colour with some highlighter on the cheekbones. That does wonders to complete the whole nude look. So, Go girls, Carry off this look anytime, anywhere, everywhere… -Pehal Ahuja Makeup Artist