Solicitor General Harin Raval resigns


Additional solicitor general Harin Raval has resigns today succumbing to pressures generated out of the coal-gate scam report. Earlier, he has lied to the Supreme Court over sharing CBI report with political executives. He asserted that CBI report (on irregularities in allotment of coal blocks) has not been shared with any political executive. But, CBI Director Ranjit Sinha, in his latest affidavit submitted to the court has confessed that the CBI report has been shared with law minister Ashwini Kumar and two other executives of PMO and ministry of Coal.


CBI, which until now is boasting itself as an independent probing agency has dismayed the court with its director Ranjit Singh’s statement, who confessed that CBI is also part and parcel of the government like any other departments and it has certain obligations that force it to share its report with the political executives before it was submitted to Supreme Court. However, he told the court that he will submit an explanation about under which sections he has shared the CBI reports with outsiders.


While, the parliament is rocking with his statement, Harin Raval has fueled it further blaming attorney general GE Vahanavati of influencing the CBI probe into the coal blocks allotments. He even blamed Vahanavati for throwing his weight on several other scam related investigations being conducted by CBI. As the government cornered with his statements, allegations and Ranjit Singh’s confessions to court, Harin has stepped down today.