Need for a Sibling


Small family, a happy family...but too small, not so happy family...every child needs a sibling, to share, to care, to grown up with, and have a close friend in the family. However, due to many reasons, not every family decides to have a second child, some settle with only one child., i wonder how they manage everytime the child asks for a friend at home, for a sibling. It is not atall easy when your only child runs behind every other child in a mall, and sobbing or melting down everytime a friend leaves after a playdate or doesnot want to come home after a playdate at a friend's. It is so embarrassingly silly when your child asks why she/he doesnot have another baby to play with, why you dont have two kids like her friend's Mom has. And then everyone among friends and relatives asking you 'when is the next one arriving?', including 'Let there not be too much gap between the kids' kindof unwanted suggestions.


If you are not so ready to even think of another child yet, meet a friend or a cousin who is also a single child, they will share their positives and negatives of being the only child. That is when you are still not ready to start the journey but you can atleast be open minded., your child will train you slowly and suddenly....contrary, but it is true. The first request comes as a shocker but it happens so often that slowly you will get there and be ready. They say either of the partners is initially unprepared and unwilling but the first child is the driving will want to do anything for their sake, end of the day !

I realise, a little friend at home doesnot come crawling or running and ready to takes nine backbreaking months, hours of painstaking moments and then 2-3 years of wait while they grow up to be there, before they are ready to play with your older child including strange moments of fighting between the two and emotions of insecurity, neglected feelings of the first one, the same first child who asked you for a sibling. The pre-sibling prep is totally different to the post-arrival struggle...they are two separate are you ready or your first one ready yet for a sibling?

- Prathyusha