Uplifting or Exhausting??

Publish Date:Aug 17, 2015




“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow”

This proverb we often use in two scenarios; first one is, when we are extremely happy and feel even more excited, thus share our joy with others; and second one is when we offer our shoulder to someone to lean upon or look for a shoulder to get de-stressed. You can do either of things, when needed and this surely plays a vital role in relationship building. However, “sharing your day to day problems with people, pouring your heart out so very often becoming your weakness, then this condition is to be alarming”- say experts.


But, why a person will be talking about his/her problems repeatedly? Does this happen only with worries? Or do they discuss about happy moments/ incidents with equal intensity? Have you given a thought on this ever? Let's, think this way; is talking about troubles frequently, reduces the pain? May not be. But, we assume that discussing our troubles will help us to vent out agony, and it does work to an extent; but if you go on creating more space for your worries by keep on revolving around your sufferings, then that negativity increases in multifold.


We have already discussed that, every thing we do and act generates energy. Words we speak are not exempted from this process. When we talk( positive or negative), it will generate energy accordingly. If discussion you are initiating or creating is negative, you will see negativity everywhere just because, universal rule is “ like attracts like”.


According to this theory, when negative words are spoken, or negative discussions are taken place in life, there will be a constant attraction of situations which are filled with difficulties or draw attention towards people who are with full of problems and worries. This causes, more emotional crisis of not finding a way out of problems. Instead, when you will be able to pull out a joyful moment or fun filled part of your professional or personal incident, this will magnetize few more happy moments for you and pull people and incidents with more and more bliss and ecstasy.


Few discussions, give us the feeling of being uplifted and inspired while others repel, drain and exhaust us. Now, you decide, which one you want to take along with you; your problems or your happiness?

- Bhavana

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