The 5 kinds of customers

Publish Date:May 18, 2016

Business might be an art. But it can often be strengthened by some principles that are formed over decades of experience and research. Categorisation of customers is one such principle. All customers are not alike. They differ from each other based on their need and habit. Here is the most popular and basic division of customers.



Loyal customers: It’s something like a personal relation. They come to your shop out of habit and you recognise them at the first glance. You greet and treat them while they shop with you. Loyal customers might be less in number, but are crucial for a steady business. You give them their much needed attention, and they would repay you with business and publicity.



Discount customers: Discount is a key factor that encourages some people. We can find most of the Indian customers to be discount oriented. Such customers may not value for quality or need, but would be inclined to buy a product that is cheap and discounted. It’s always better to have something to offer such customers. A regular discount sale of something or the other would encourage such customers to visit the business quite regularly.


Impulsive customers: These customers don’t have a personal agenda but are driven by the impulse to buy any product that’s convincing. They are ready to buy something, but at the same time... that ‘something’ should be proved to be the best. Displaying your best products and giving elaborate explanations could complete a deal with them.



Need Based customers: Such customers have clarity about the product and brand they wish to purchase. They should be assured to be delivered with the products of their wish. It might be hard to switch them to other products and brands, but could turn into loyal customers if they are assured of their needs being fulfilled with us.


Wandering customers: These are the ones who shop without any intention to purchase. They shop for experience, time pass and interaction. They may keep inquiring without any zeal to buy. They may ransack the racks just to watch the products on the display. Mere sight of such customers might be annoying, but these customers could often turn into loyal ones, if treated with courtesy. As most of such customers belong to local community, they can share their experience with the rest of the community.

- Nirjara


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