Nothing is permanently wrong

Recently l ended up watching a movie and returned home with heavy heart. It was not due to the emotions carried out in the movie but the emptiness which was evident throughout the film. Fortunately or unfortunately it was a blockbuster, so became a topic for discussion. Few said, we must appreciate the risk the movie makers took and we surely find logic( if nail down), and its an eye treat and have to look that picture as an entertainment. So many debates and arguments ran on this subject, however, l wasnt convinced at all on why there was so much hype created about something which is not worth. Though it was a marketing gimmick, it disappointed me so much; rather l would say, I got “disturbed”.


It is not anyone's fault, but mine alone, as I have a habbit of looking for content and standard  in everything, I do, I create and I evolve around. When, I don't find that, it creates lot of disturbance in me. Yet, I never regret for this, but feel happy that I am conscious about things around me and entertainment cant be exempted from this list. When I feel so, I am relieved and much more relaxed.


While this major upheavals still in my mind, I was taken for another show, where hero, who is a rich kid, decides to give back something to his village, so whole drama was narrated around this line. This too was an entertainer, however connecting with society could grab my attention, hence I could easily overlook other silly things running in the drama.


In both the scenario's, I very well know that, I was gone there just to get amused, but my mind was craving for some thing else which is in line with my thought process. If I don't get the same, I feel deceived. During this journey, I have realised that, having such feeling is not a problem, but strength itself. Do you remember those olden days, where we used to cry, get angry, feel like hero and go along with the characters of the films? Aren't they the better days where we were with full of emotions? And being emotional is the best state of mind which proves that we are human beings and not rocks.


My friends, keep telling me not to look for logic everywhere, but why not? When I cant be illogical, i would love to attract the same. So, what's wrong in it?


To be precise, I would say, needless to argue with someone to prove our point. Though, we win the argument, there is no guarantee that neither of us will buy that concept forever. Not only in the above scenarios, but in every event of life, it is ok if you are not with the stream. Its absolutely fine if you deviate from the crowd; as long as, you are convinced with your thoughts, its fine; if not, then you yourself will be learnt to alter them. Remember, nothing is permanently right and nothing is forever wrong. Its all about your state of mind at which you experience that particular situation.


When we become spectators of our own show called life, this journey becomes much more fun filled. Isn't this sufficient? Think over...

- Bhavana

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