Publish Date:Dec 31, 2014

Migraine has troubled many for many years and it is still the bad guy in many lives. Research says it effects more women than men. If we take the case of the United States of America 12% of the countries population are regularly fighting the attacks of moderate to severe migraine. Many of us don't even know that the pain in our head is caused by a condition called Migraine. Today I will try and help you identify a migraine that will help you deal with it better.

If your headache is a throbbing or a pulsating one, it could be an indication of a migraine. However you should not depend on one symptom to come to a conclusion. Migraines usually manifest themselves as one sided headaches. This means that if you are experiencing severe pain on one side of your head you might be having a migraine. Migraine could be with an aura i.e one with a prior indication of its attack, and one without. During a migraine attack people usually want to stay away from light and sound as they are known to intensify the pain.Movement or activity is also known to have the same effect on migraine. Migraine attacks are usually accompanied by nausea and sometimes even vomiting.    

There could be many causes of migraine. The causes usually differ from one individual to another. However, lack of proper sleep, extreme stress and staying hungry for long hours are identified as most common causes of such a headache. If you are someone who frequently experiences migraines, then you must know a list of foods that you need to stay away from. Baked goods, Chocolate, Dairy foods, avocado, banana, citrus fruit and Onions are some things you need to avoid.

Unfortunately there is no specific treatment to fight the severe attacks of pain permanently. All we can do is, manage it and brace ourselves to fight it when it attacks us. Best is to avoid the triggers and stay as calm as possible. During a headache, pain killers seem to help in most cases. Having said that, it is best to consult your doctor before you do anything. Take care of yourself!


........Kruti Beesam

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