How real is your fruit Cereal?





Traditional breakfast cereals which contain fruits and sugar have always been a quick alternate for a breakfast routine. The bits of fruits and sugar coated cereals have been loved by all age groups. Mike Adams, , Food Research Director of the Forensic Food Labs, Executive Director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center and Editor of Natural News has come out with a startling fact after an extensive chemical analysis of the cereals is ,that the fruits used in the cereals are fake fruits made from artificial coloring chemicals, GMO corn starch, soybean oil and corn syrup solids and artificial flavoring.

Now let us not take names but if you see in your favourite cereal, those fruits bits and over dose of sugar is nothing but cornstarch which are not doing much to your health or adding to the nutritional value . Instead, you get the usual artificial coloring chemicals, sorbitol, soybean oil and a toxic chemical preservative called "BHT" which is described as being used "for freshness" to make it sound delightful instead of toxic.

The names of the cereals which claim to have fruits or berries in them is actually where the cereal is shaped and colored in order to invoke a visual response from human brains which are hard-wired to be on the lookout for fresh, brightly-colored berries in nature.

But a closer examination of one of these berries/fruits under the microscope reveals an artificial starchy concoction that looks more like glowing kyptonite than a real piece of fruit. Although there's a small amount of “juice concentrate" in the product, it's mostly made from corn flour (most likely GMO), sugar (highly refined and stripped of minerals),artificial colors like red #40, yellow #5 and blue #1. The added B vitamins added as isolated chemicals, not as food-based nutrients derived from nature. At the end of the day we don’t want to say that eating cereals which has artificial fruit in it is bad- but the fruits in it are artificial so be aware.


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