What you can do for your Father on this special day

Publish Date:Jun 14, 2014

The original breadwinner in most families, ( of course the mothers are also in the bandwagon nowadays) deserves the love and respect as the head of the house. We figured out a couple of things you could do for him on this special day.

1.    Role reversal -You become the dad and he the kid and you guys could have great fun trying to impersonate and mimic each other.

2.    Ask him to share a few things about his childhood days and if your grandfather is around ask him to share his feelings when he was raising your dad.

3.    Make a scrap book or collect pics and put them up in the latest digital frames where you can share memorable moments of you and your dad and your family together.

4.    The computer savvy kids can make a movie with any of the footage that you have made and play this on the computer screen or your TV screen .Trust us he will love this and go teary eyed…

5.    Visit or call or write to your own father to wish him a happy Father’s Day. If he’s not alive, spend some time telling your kids about him.

6.    Make a huge collage card and thank him for being the best dad in the world. This has to come from your heart and after all, you wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for him.

7.    If your father isn’t there you could probably do something for a charitable cause like spending time with inmates in an old age home or an orphanage.

8.    The best thing you could do is just nothing at all .Ask your dad to take a day off and luckily since it’s a Sunday this time he will be at home. Ask him if it is possible to keep his mobile on silent and let his laptop rest for some time and chill at home. Ask your mom to cook his favorite food and spend a relaxing and wonderful day with him.

Making him feel special is not just meant for Father’s Day alone, it has to be extended throughout the years and the love and respect you give him is lifelong feeling…

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