a weighty issue??

We tend to become very panic on some petty issues often; one among such situation is to know that people around us are loosing weight so fast. As a result we start following crazy diet charts, avoid foods like carbohydrates, dairy products, certain cooking oils, few vegetables and the list goes so long.

Here, the most important thing we need to understand is that it’s not about the kind of food you need to add in your diet, but when we are going ahead with too many plans, checking with an expert whether your body needs such alterations or not. This culture of being so thin, is dangerously spreading in the society due to pictures of  skinny models on magazines, and 6 packs , 8 packs physique which are so unrealistic to achieve just by skipping meals, avoid certain food products. This resulted in very negative way like, people started looking at rice, wheat, diary products as villains in food world.

This all happened, because of too much bombarding of messages which say that being overweight is almost a crime and reason for all the problems in one's life. Simultaneously sounds as one can be successful and lead a happy life only if he or she is slim.

However, in few countries, government and fashion organizations disqualified some models just because they are extremely bonny and might give wrong signal to public and fans.

According to experts, one should never ever start diet course without consulting their doctor. Sharing your diet chart with others is equally no good as every individual has a unique way to deal with health and weight related issues.

To conclude, as a leading guru quoted, Its not important "how radiant you are from outside" but "how resilient you are from inside" should be our motto of life.

Having understood the above statement thoroughly, we all need to concentrate on our health and inner wellbeing than the measurements of our body which is nothing but just a number on the scale..


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