Eat healthy while you Work 
One of the travails of a working woman is missing out on good meal either during breakfast or lunch. Most of us prefer to skip the breakfast due to lack of time in the morning or in an effort to lose weight. It is a known fact that eating breakfast can keep you healthy throughout the day so make sure to enjoy a nutritious breakfast like fresh fruit slices, oats, cereal and a slice of whole-wheat toast if you don’t have the time to make an elaborate breakfast. Skipping breakfast decreases your metabolism so whenever you don’t have time to eat, make sure pack your breakfast or lunch.

Drinking orange juice, skim milk and plain brewed coffee can help you stay healthy while at work. Avoid those vending machine Tea and coffees as they are packed with sugar and can cause weight gain. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated come summer or winter. 

Choose a healthy lunch like brown rice along with vegetables gives you the extra dietary fibre and has many health benefits compared to white rice. You could alternate with Rotis and brown bread sandwiches for keeping your tummy full and  can keep you healthy while at work.