Baby Development at 7 Month

Babies at this age usually can sit up and he would rather spend his days in this position. Even the most seven-month old baby can sit up without sustained at all However, you still have to watch him well when he sat down, because sometimes he will lose his balance and fell to the floor. It is better if he was seated in a somewhat soft but solid, or you can also put the pillows behind him just in case.

If he sees interesting objects that are within his reach, he will try to achieve it. Even if he were in a sitting position, then he'll start his body tipped forward. The next stage, he would kneel while leaning with both hands. This development is progressing very well and will be "capital" for the baby to crawl.

* Baby Can Not Crawling? No Need to Worry ... You need to know, experts consider that "crawl" itself is NOT an achievement that must be passed by each infant. So, do not be surprised if there are babies who can walk WITHOUT were previously able to crawl first.

Such babies skip crawling phase. Even some there is also a new baby can crawl by the age of 1 year. Which is an achievement is to see objects that are beyond the reach of the baby and trying to get it. If your baby is already showing "symptoms" of this, it means he is improving cognitive and motor development.

In an attempt to take things that are beyond the reach, the baby may be crawling on their bellies, some that while in a sitting position sidled over his butt over to the object before, some are crawling, there is even a small baby who tried to stand upright and running to try to retrieve the object. All this can happen at the age of 7 months ...

* Secure Your Home Because at this stage of your baby normally already have a high mobility and has begun to 'reaching' round the house, then make sure you make your house safe for her.

Among the things you can do: - Close the socket may be covered by your baby - Cover the sharp edges found on the furniture in your home that can be reached by it - Note if there is a section of damaged furniture that could harm - Give a short fence in the mouth a kind of ladder that is in your home

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* Nervousness Facing Foreigners At age range 6-12 months, babies will usually cause a negative reaction when meeting with strangers.

This condition can be known as the Stranger Anxiety. Normally he would be cranky, acting, or even cry if he met with people who do not know.

This is a normal process, because at this age babies have started to become familiar with anyone who are close to him and who does not. If your baby suddenly cried when I meet with people who are strangers to him, then you do not need to scold.

There are even some parents who "blame" her baby to tell that person, "Oops, sorry yes ma'am ... he loves to act if Halsa meet new people!".

This is an approach that is not quite right you know! You should do is entertain your baby.

* Difficult Separated Babies at this stage also begun to "sticky" with his mother and the hard part. How to overcome this is to foster a sense of security and trust of the baby on the people near you. If he had started close to the aunt, for example, then you try to leave them for a while.

However, make sure you "goodbye" to the child first. Never sneak away without telling your baby. Thus, you train your baby to have confidence.

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