Pillow Mattress


 Crafts for kids are fun....one sewing machine and a Lady who knows to sew is really an asset to anyone like me who craves crafts !! I have been thinking of making a fun mattress for my child with the extra pillows and pillow cases that have been lying at home...and because sewing doesnot come so easy to me, i needed a friend with a sewing machine... I brought in just 4 pillow cases, ( you can use color coordinated or even contrast cases) 4 pillows that fit in those cases Line up 2 pillow cases first, horizontally, beside eachother and sew.

Then attach another case in line, similarly the fourth. All you have to do is stitch only on one side of these cases, when you are done, the sew line should not be seen once flipped over. Just make sure you dont use up much for the border, otherwise your pillows might not fit into the cases.Insert pillows and tell your kids you made them a new mattress....they jump on them or take naps...forget about their stuff now !!

- PrathyushaTalluri