Let them be

As parents, most of us want to give the best to our kids. In pursuing the same, we try to live their live, try to choose the way they should move forward in life; we filter few experience for them and add few. Overall, we try to bring them up in the way we want to. However, Experts say that, it’s always reasonable in letting your children to become whatever they have to become. They also request Parents, not to try to mold their kids as per their understanding of Life.

Though he/ she is your child, it does not mean that they need not do the things which their parents didn’t try in their life.

Sometimes, Its very important for every child to experience the heat of a hot vessel, coldness of the ice cubes, brightness of the candles; they have every right to enjoy the moon, the rain, the heat wave, cold breeze indeed everything under the sky.

As a parent, one should only tell their children about these things they come across in life and let your child decide whether to experience it or not.

When children are something very different from their parent generation and do something different which you as parent can’t even dare to think in your life, then only this world will move towards progress.