Complain secretly of your child's faults



Parenting is one great looks so easy and not big for those who havenot stepped in yet, but is difficult. I agree, for some it is so breezy easy ! Probably their kids make them feel so..however, i have seen tough days. It is also a tricky job, where you are given all the rights yet you cannot be the boss, you have to be a good friend and behave yourselves too, just when you loose control, you set a wrong example, and so there is no way you can vent out, no way you can chill out has to be so disciplined and dedicated to this task..however, until the foundation is set and the path is established for the children. When they get perfect, they make sure the parents are not going out of control or fall apart.



As i expressed, parenting is tough, almost like a military job...most parents vent out their frustration. It is a good idea to not keep ones emotions within and get stressed out. Sametime, expressing feelings of disappointment with the child's behaviour in the child's presence is definiteltnot a good idea. Even the famous pediatricians and psychologists suggest young parents to cultivate the habit of 'only talking the positive' once the child is born, atleast when the child is around or listening from a short distance around. Feed their little brains the positive comments, appreciations, recognitions, words of comfort, encouragement, gentle correction and good behaviour..there are all chances the child learns and does what you teach and do yourselves. If one keeps complaining that 'my girl is so moody', 'my son is a very naughty one', they tend to behave the same way...they are not like grown ups who realise that they are being complained about and try to correct themselves. If Mom wants to tell Dad about some naughty or rude act of the child, she should share only while the child is totally away or asleep. Dont chant the manthra of 'you are a bad girl', 'you are such a spoil sport'....they might end up getting convinced to do what you tell them every hour of.


You may want to share everything your child does at home with your family or friends, over the phone...kindly make sure you talk aloud about the good things your child does..and watch the limit not to start over praising the child always...they get so used to it and expect everyone to praise their every silly act too. If you need any suggestions or want to share your frustration or even about a funny or silly stuff your child did the other day,.you are free but when the child is away and not paying attention to your phone call or he/she is asleep..they repeat the same stuff. Like, you tell your relative that your child has attention issues and asks for treats or the ipad soon as your answer a phone call...and Lo, your child comes running to do the same, not letting you talk over the phone. Be it a funny, frustrating or a disappointing act of your child, lets not make it a public discussion...children are so sensitive, and even adults dont like others complaining publicly of their lets deal secretly !