We, Women like making new friends like anyone else..infact why should i say WE WOMEN, we are normal human beings. But if you have noticed, this interest of making new friends definitely reduces once you start a family, however, this is definitely not a rule. You will be more interested in doing something for the kids and the spouse...by the time you find a moment for yourself you either yearn to take some rest or call up an old friend or family member rather than trying to make friends with new people. Is it strange??!!..I dont atall feel its strange but its absolutely normal...

We dont have enough time to get introduced to new friends, invest time in the friendship, try to understand the other person..and most of the times, you dont like the new person you met,,,,you either call your old friend to tell her that this new person didnot impress you or you are very conscious of her looks or her bold personality. the other person may also feel the same about you.

It also depends many a times on the age group, common interests, how much the other person shows interest in being good friends with you, the feedback everyone else gave you about her....there is no thumb rule, you may even find a better friend now, however, your old trustworthy friend is still the Best!!! she has already seen every phase of your life, your behaviour everytime, and she is still your friend, isn't she the right one? Let her know she is precious!


- Prathyusha Talluri