Don't let marriage effect your friendships



"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost." goes the saying...


Considering the valuable role friends play in our life it was deemed to fix a day which is dedicated to friends and friendship. Its true that friendship tastes good the longer we are in it. In India we all tend to maintain friendships to a greater extent . But due to various reasons married women and men wont get a chance to continue their friendships which are there before wedding the same way after their wedding too. The men bid good bye to their female friends and girls do the other way round.  Whatever the case may be, post marriage, friendships are viewed in a different light. You are not the same person who can attend calls at any hour of the day or slip out for a sip of coffee when your friend is down and out.



All because marriage is definitely a lifestyle change and a big responsibility all together. They will be so confused that they take long time to adjust to the new relations around. And it is not only married couples who try to adjust to the new environment, but even friends find it difficult to adjust to the new you. Dose that mean they should leave their friendships which were prior to marriage?? Will meeting your good old friend become a problem without a solution? The answer its No..If good care is taken every one can enjoy their freedom in managing the same friends post marriage too.


"First of all a partner needs to ensure that his/her friendship with the opposite sex isn't hampering their married life. They should meet in their partners' presence too often so as to build trust. And also, it should become a family get together rather than friends meeting friends. If not possible, such relationships should be left back in time," advises physiologists . Secondly  both partners must realize that they have had a different set of friends before marriage. And neither of the partners feels close to the other set of friends unless both of them actually make an effort to feel welcomed. If this is not dealt with on time, people usually end up losing close friends."


Thirdly friends should neither discuss nor come into your relationships, which might create a big gap between the husband and wife. Final point is ,even though friends are the best thing to happen to our lives, any day friendship should not weigh heavier than relationships, and one should know where to draw the line.


Don't get yourself in the position to say - 'Our friendship was great till it lasted!'