Diet Plan During Pregnancy



Pregnant women should avoid unhealthy diets like consuming junk food, processed food that is high on fat as well as sugar and industrial products. Researchers have examined the diets of 83 mothers during their pregnancy and found that their children are either suffering from behavioral problems or from hyperactivity issues due to the mothers’ unhealthy diets.

Balanced diet and healthy choices made during pregnancy effects the mental health of the children in a positive way. Consumption of Processed food that has high sugar levels and high fat food is considered risky as it leads to early onset of ADHD Symptoms in children.

ADHD is also known as Attention – Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a biological condition which affects the functioning of the brain.  It is most common in boys and might be caused due to the disruption that affects the neurotransmitter.

So therefore it could be said that, healthy eating during pregnancy is important for the health of the children in future. Omega 3 fatty acids extracted from oily fish and the oils present in some vegetables can protect and develop the brains of the children.