Nurturing the Little Music Lovers



Raising Music Lovers is an art! Now where did that art of music come from..would you wonder for, you won't, it came from your spouse or you or any immediate relative. In olden days, there were numerous music traning schools, tuitions found in every street and attending either a vocal class or an instrumental music class was so common. Even Parents who themselves were just good music listeners also encouraged their kids to not just enjoy music but also learn. Traditionally, in villages and towns, music was heard right early after dawn. These days, music still exists but not everyone is bothered about learning the art. I am personally a music lover, and i am not just writing these lines for fun...the Research has spoken too...that Playing Instruments or Singing as a habit prior to and during School years offers lifelong benefits to Children and helps them develop concentration in studies and congnitive skills too.



A recent study shows that Children who harbored an early interest in Singing and playing musical instruments displayed advanced reading and vocabulary skills, similar is the case with their attendance rates to regular school and increased chances to excel in examinations. Research also revealed that Schools and Colleges that had music programs in their curriculum has greater graduation rate and student attendance rate compared to other Schools and Universities. Music plays a key role in nurturing a child's self confidence and the sametime, it offers an employment solution to students, they earn while they study by teaching music to others or playing instruments and singing in social and corporate programs. 

Parents need not force a child to learn music..but keenly observing whether the child has any music interest and encouraging it is key. Forcing the child to learn music, just because either of the parents is a music lover works negatively, hence accept the truth and let the child remain a good music appreciator only. Not every child is open to start singing, some are shy, they remain as bathroom singers, let them be...but if he/she likes to play instruments of any sort, explore the oppurtunities around your home or in the city and 'Get Set Go'. You will be loosing some restful time due to running between home, school and music classes too, but, the hardwork is definitely fruitful!!  This effort adds to your happy family bonding too, a child who knows his/her parents encourage their hobbies and interests, certainly loves them and feels thankful !