You might be busy through the day, falling short of helping hands. You kids can fill in. They might think house chore is a serious job but disguise the jobs as games and fun so that they offer help daily, without complaining of boredom.

Let your child collect 10 different things from the room and organise them or give to you, in 10 minutes, or at a count of 10-20 and so.

Let your child act like his/her favourite animal and pick few things from the floor, or help you unload the dishwasher or the stack of dishes on the drying mat.

Ask your child to sing a favourite rhyme and help you unload the clothes dryer or clean up his/her bedroom or tidy the floor or make the bed.

Treat them with compliments or healthy goodies as a thanks for helping you!!!

2 Benefits, your work done and they will also learn that helping Mom/parents is important and fun too, this improves their ability to understand and take up family responsibilty.


- Prathyusha

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