Flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) now affects 47 percent of infants ages 7 to 12 weeks, say Canadian researchers. Here are some misconceptions clarified:

It is caused by back sleeping only: All the time spent in a bed or a bouncer, or a cradle plays a role too. Along with regular tummy time, or holding the baby helps, but it can be resolved fully once the baby can handle his/her neck straight.

Flat head syndrome results in developmental delays: Infact, its the other way around, babies who are facing developmental delays don't move their head or neck as often as a child without delays.

A Helmet is the only fix: Helmet can be one aid but repositioning the head when the baby is asleep instead of allowing them to slant their heads to one side only everytime will be helpful too.

I faced the same problem with my baby, she was 4-5 months old when i realised her head is flat a little, and we were alarmed when the pediatrician also noticed it and suggested a helmet if it worsens. I ddn't give in, i started putting my child to sleep in the opposite direction to what she was used to, and moved the cradle to a different corner of the room, and slowly her flat head shaped up round.

Problem solved!!


- Prathyusha

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