Organising Handbags and Purses

Ladies, Purses and Handbags....they have been good friends forever. Show me one lady in this modern world who doesnot possess atleast one handbag or a Purse. Storing handbags has been an issue for me, and so should be for you too. Be it a leather bag or a jute one, to shove them away when not in use, without the clothes being disturbed is a challenge.

Here are some ideas to store handbags, Purses and Clutches when not in use. These storage solutions not only make it easy to keep them neatly away, but also help one arrange these accesories in order to find them easily for appropriate use. Leather products require a cool and dark spot for longevity and good maintenance too. For clutches and purses with beadwork and embellishments, it is better to store them in hanging organisers. Using shower curtain hooks, cloth hangers to organise and hang bags is a clever idea too. Installing custom hooks or even trying the DIY methods for storing and hanging purses and handbags makes life so much easy on a super-rush weekday or even a busy weekend.

--Prathyusha Talluri