Sleep well to lose that belly



No we didn’t mean that literally!  but the studies have shown that its best to avoid late night parties and staying up late,  if you want to cut the belly fat from growing. There's a reason as to why sleep deprivation can cause belly fat. When you stay awake in the night , your cortisol (stress hormone) levels go high. Typically, cortisol levels drop as you approach your regular bedtime, but studies found that after just one night of no sleep, cortisol in sleep-deprived individuals decreased six times slower the following night than control subjects' who were snoozing as usual. The end result? A major cortisol buildup. High levels of the stress hormone reduce your ability to handle stress, making you more prone to panic attacks and chronic depression. The buildup also kick-starts a vicious cycle: you're tired during the day and can't sleep at night as your stress and the hormone begin to pile up. And this stress which is  linked to cortisol leads to high levels of belly fat in women.

 So get that good night’s sleep for a healthy lifestyle and a healthier body.